Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I've always been a huge lover of brightly concealed under eye areas. Some love it while others absolutely hate it. This is definitely something of trial and error and can take some embarrassing moments before achieving your perfect formula.  I have had some hits and misses myself, this is my reason for experimentation. Today I stopped by target with a set goal of choosing a combo that wasn't too harsh. I decided on the following L'Oreal products:

True Match Foundation // Color Cocoa C8
True Match Powder // Color Cocoa C8
True Match Crayon Concealer // W-6-7-8 

I am going for the fresh, not overly done look- Of course everything is sealed in store so there was no opportunity for me to swatch to verify the color of the concealer, now that I have swatched it at home I am not too sure that this is a great choice, I am thinking it is still a bit too light.  I will try a look with this combination and update this post with a photo within the next day or so.

I am determined to get the look that I desire! 


  1. now, i really don't know anything about makeup, but, can't u take a foundation you have at home with you to try match up the color by how they look in the bottles? maybe? idk lol

    1. Welp, with this brand I know that I am a cocoa c8 in foundation and powder. The tricky part is the concealer, I am attempting to create the perfect bright under eye concealer match for my skin tone that isn't "over-done" or too drastic.

  2. Hi Brosia,
    Im a brown girl too (xo) and I love Tarte's Eraser Concealer in Walnut. It may be able to give you the look your looking for. You can also try Banana Ben Nye powder if you want to get fancy. Just thought I'd share:) p.s. love your YT channel so informative!

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      I have no clue what has taken me so long to try out Banana Ben Nye powder. I have seen countless videos on youtube and always love the outcome. I'll have to check out Tarte's Eraser Concealer in Walnut!

      Thanks for tuning in!


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