Thursday, January 08, 2009

Update from The Office (1)

Good day everyone. I'm in the office with nothing to do until I go to training next week, that will last a month. Sure, when I get back from training I will be swamped with work but I think that is better than just sitting around for 8 hours. In case you are wondering, I work in an eligibility office for family assistance. . . the employees are real cool but they all say how nerve wrecking the job is. I've been here a little over 2 months now and I do not doubt at all what they say because I know it can be over whelming but the way they makes things sound LOL is like wow is it really that bad. I think a lot of people just don't want to do their job, I mean you signed up for the program so do it, you know? As a former FIDM student, I know what it feels like to be loaded with work that is due in a short period of time, I actually feel better when I have a lot of work on my hands. . . makes me feel like I'm actually earning my money, not just having it given to me. Some people think that things should just come to them with no effort at all. I won't even get all into it because that will just be messy of me, but I can already spot the lazy folk in this building. This lady thought she was going to take advantage of me and have me do her job-- I THINK NOT! *in B. Scott's voice-- OH NO MA'AM!* Hahahaa!

I co washed lastnight with TresEmme` and Nature's oil shine spray, I used that with it because of all the natural oils in there, it's wonferful! I let that sit for maybe an hour and a half and then washed it out with cool water. My hair is starting to get super curly in the middle, like spirals and then the sides are like super tight. I love washing my hair just so I can feel the growth--ANY WHO, back on the co-wash, after I washed it out I lightly towel dried and then added some Motion's leave in conditioner (the spray kind) and shea butter [FOCUSING ON THE EDGES] because this seems to be the area that is prone to breakage in most people, since it gets forgotten. Also, my edges/kitchen seem to get dry before the rest of my hair.. so my edges is my focal point. Oh yea, let's not forget about the ends and the line of demarcation. Pretty much, my whole head gets moisturized thoroughly, I can't afford to forget any area. My point of talking about the co-wash is basically because my twist out is poppin` today! Like, I don't know what I did differently but it is extra moiste and volumnous.

I'm suppose to be hitting the gym this weekend with my boyfriend, I told him that I feel like I'm packing on a little extra since eating all that meat during the holidays, don't like it lol. (WOW! as I'm typing the lady I was talking about in the first paragraph just called me over the loud speaker, SERIOUSLY! is she serious? smdh) BACK TO THE TOPIC, my bf is a crazy trainer, when I was in LA the apartment building had an amazing gym and when ever he would come to visit me we'd be in there for only like an hour each night, I kid you all not, I had results about 3 days later. So I know summer will creep up on us Arizonians fast so I'm definitely getting on it. My cousin bought be a bunch of new belly button rings too so I'm excited for the warm weather! ;) || XOXO'BROSIA

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  1. I want to go to FIDM, or F.I.T. one or the other. Hopefully this year.

  2. LMBO @ the B. Scott part!

    Loving the hair, hon!
    It's super cute!

    And I know how you feel about the new growth -- ESPECIALLY the sprials! They are SSSSOOOO much fun to play with!

  3. lol i have to take a breather with this lady!
    and yes i cant keep my hands out of it

    i always hear naturals saying they cant keep their hands out their hair ( no matter the length)

  4. look at ALL that hair !
    wow it looks nice . your lucky you can use your phone @ work. i have to sneak to use mine because they dont allow us to use them since i work at a telemarketing company they think we'd take down the customers personal information. i understand that but like on breaks we're not by those computers.

    but wow u said u wont be doing anything for 8 hrs? man ambro ! thats crazier than my job but i'd still want to switch places . lol. how many hrs a day do you work ?
    and i feellll you on the hitting the gym thing. ive been trying to lose weight for years but this time around im actually working out. havent worked out since gym class in high school. lol

    but once again I LOVE THE HAIR
    --Ms. Ray

  5. Yea ur twist out was the business today!

    Girl, I cowash like every other day and I am only stretching but feeling the growth is amazing!

    I feel you on gettin fit for the weather, I am on my grind and plan on shedding those few extra pounds

  6. You are making good progress transitioning. I need to get back into hair but I am so lazy I barely feel like washing it :-( and its starting to touch my neck again :-/

  7. I thought I was the only one looking forward to the warm weather! Living in PHX does not exactly have people talking about the summertime. I love it!! Although it can get a little too hot. I am in the gym everyday. I came up with this 6-week challenge my friends and I are doing. We have 6 weeks starting Sunday the 11th to do all we can to achieve some type of positive results. Join if you like. I will be putting the end results on my blog. Happy work-out!!!

  8. The twist out does look good. You made me just go and twist mine. We'll see how it turns out. I just subscribed to your videos and to your blog. Love your style, you're cute as pie and I can't wait to see more. :)


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