Monday, January 05, 2009

Expect the Unexpected

Goodmorning, I wasn't going to say anything about this-- but I thought it would be best so I will always be able to refer back to this for encouragement.

Sunday morning I woke up and began getting ready for church, I decided to check my horoscope for the day and it said something about sticking to my decision because I would feel gained up on. Usually when I see something like that I disregard it and not even think about what it means. Later that day it snuck up on me. A few family members and myself went out to eat after church. After eating we were all just sitting there talking and all of a sudden my mom says "let me relax your hair, you know it won't burn if I do it" then my aunt goes "exactly why don't you want to get relaxers anymore?" I have explained this so much to them.. My scalp is scared so badly from my last relaxer and I actually don't like the way my hair looks bone straight and then she says "it actually takes away from your looks" CRAAAZY RIGHT I would have never expected these comments from my own family. I spoke up, I said you know what.. your opinion and everyone elses opinion doesn't affect me in any way. You know I have never been one that was like ooh I hope they like it or I'm not gonna do _____ because I don't think they will like it. I am probably the most confident and secure person at the table. [Which is absolutely true.] What I do to my hair doesn't affect anymody at this table, its definitely not hurting anyone.

I'm just cutting it right therr. Some african american women are stuck on 1 look. As soon as someone looks different there has to be a problem. I appreciate all of the support from my viewers and subscribers. You all know how I am, I wil not let that break me down into getting a relaxer OH NO MA'AM! I am not saying any specific look is better I am saying that if I make a decision to do something then key words: IT IS MY DECISION. I don't question women on why they wear wigs & weaves. I don't question when others dye their hair. So why am I being interviewed? Going natural is a big step, many don't do it because they don't see beauty outside of straight hair. Remember, back in 07 I was so scared to go natural but I really wanted to. I got my but on youtube and hair care forums and finally got the courage to do it. AGAIN that you all for the support, I can't say it enough.. I really appreciate it. Anyone else whom is on this journey, keep on riding let the neg. comments be encouragement.



  1. Its amazing right the same thing happened within my family when i decided to go natural but now everyone loves it....the ironic thing is my mother is natural boyfriend and his family thought I was crazy but its growing on them now....but believe me their will be a lot more questions and looks when you actually do cut your hair

  2. I am now in love w. your blog --
    & sooo encouraged to go natural.
    I don't know where to start, I got a head full of permed hair. :(

  3. Girl, it is a constant struggle with my grandma. And my mother sometimes, but not as often. Ever since my gma first saw it, her comments usually include: why don't you just get it pressed, you don't even have to get a relaxer....

    Stay strong.

    Family is important, but you have to feel good about yourself first and foremost.

  4. something similar just happened w/ me and my mom... It is hard to make such a step w/o everyone giving their opinions. i look at it like this-- if you have a problem w/ how god made me why dont you ask him!

  5. NATURAL is beautiful.
    Beauty comes frm within....then shines out.&& hey ur a Beautiful gurl. As long as it makes u happy thats all that matters, DO U.


  6. You go girl! Love your natural beautiful self!!!

  7. Im glad your standing by your decision. Steadfast! If only more people were happy in the skin they were in.

  8. I know exactly what you're going through!! My 16 yr old sis and I damn near came to blows last week about MY effin' hair!! I think ur gorgeous and it doesn't take away from your looks at all. That's crazy...

  9. That's CRAZY! But I know your feeling. I got that all the time. "My mom is really good with relaxers, she does mine, your hair will be better" said my roommate.
    And one of my "friends" was like, you should just get a PERM. (ironically enough, she's natural now)

    I was like, no thanks love, I love my hair and my scalp. I'm done with the chemicals and up starting to love my beautiful hair for the way it IS! Naps and curls and thickness!

    And I'm so happy that you are so strong, and BEAUTIFUL! No matter how CRAZY other people think you are, they truly are envious of the self-acceptance and beauty that radiates from within. REALTALK!

  10. Good for you, girlie!

    I remember the VERY FIRST time I went natural and people were asking me the same thing. But while my hair was relaxed and I kept doing these different hairstyles, it was a problem then, too.

    People are ALWAYS going to criticize what they don't understand. So just let the neg. comments continue to be your motivation!

    I'm here for you, mama!

  11. exactly .
    your hair your life.
    hair is nothing really
    it doesn't make you.
    you make you. I ♥ natural hair , wish I still had it my hair is damaged due 2 perms but the only person I'm trying 2 please is myself . I value others opinions but its not their choice . that's good u stuck 2 ur decision .
    ♥Ms. Ray

  12. O no :(
    It's your decison to do what you want it your head..Hell if you shave it all off it's your feel me. Keep doing you hun!

  13. I just had to comment on this. I grew up with natural hair and when I got a perm in high school people treated me different. It was like I became more popular people were telling me that I was beautiful. I have learned that African Americans are so brain washed that we do not appreciate our natural appearance. The more European we look the better. We hate ourselves, which is sad. You actually look great with your hair. It shows that you are not a follower and can think for yourself. It also shows that your definition of beautiful is not based on European images. Go girl.

  14. i absolutely love all of the comments

    BBC thanks, and it really is a shame that many are brain washed and only feel that beautiful is relaxed.

    i feel that life would be less stressful appearance wise if we worked with what we have, noy against it. because working against it is only temporary because something is bound to go wrong, my hair thinned out a lot because of the relaxers. im getting my wonderful thickness back!

  15. congrats on staying strong and standing up against nay-sayers. it's harder when it comes from loved ones. unfortunately, i think this sentiment comes from slavery and the like. call me the 'pro black' woman if you want to. people have just been so damaged that we don't see beauty in who we really are. i didn't like relaxers either, but i did it because it was easier for me to manage. i finally started locking. little girls that looked up to me asked when i was going to take them out, etc. it was hard, but it was the right decision for me! do you girl!


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xoxo, Brosia

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