Sunday, January 04, 2009

Co-Wash & How To: twist

I co-washed with TresEmme` Moisture Conditioner and 1 Egg. As stated in the video, this is my first time putting egg in my hair. The egg is suppose to help with breakage and make your hair stronger-- I also hear that egg will give it body. TIP: Wash the egg out with cool water-- I used warm water when I washed it out and I guess it kind of cooked (ROTFL!) so I had a few pieces that I had to pick out :/ on the second video you can see a little piece of it in the back *hahaahaa!*
video video video


  1. I use egg as a protein treatment and it's lovely. My hair feels thicker every time.

  2. heey ms pink glad to see ya!

    and yes it feels so soft this morning

  3. Love Love Love your hair! I have been thought about going natural, but I have been too chicken. I am 8 weeks post...which is the longest I have ever went and my new growth is something think I just need encouragement...because like you some of my family members have a negative opinion towards it.

  4. Okay, so nevermind my other comment on the other video. This is a good guide too. Obviously not expecting the same results, but I thank you.


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