Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Big Choppy Chop

Big Choppy Chop?

You all are making me nervous! lol. I've been getting the question on when I will be doing this. I was thinking around June since that would be 9months of transitioning. I figured it would have grown much by then (obviously not hang time but a comfty short length that I could twist) I have these butterflys in my stomach, a nervous sensation comes across me everytime I think about it. In this case, I'm scared because I have never had short hair nore have I ever cut my hair more than 3 inches at one time. || TTYL. ||XOXO'BROSIA,

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  1. aw ambro
    i understand your confusion.
    i mean it'll be a good transition.
    yeauh i was scared when my hair fell out.let alone when it fell out but change is good. your hair will be very healthy but man.i'd be scared too . just know its for the better. im always willing to try new things with my hair. but you'll be cool. and no matter what kind of hair length you have, you'll always be beautiful . dont stress or worry . yes its natural but i believe your making a decision many of us african american females FEAR to make. i support you 100% !
    --Ms. Ray

  2. Not yet ladies! I'M SCARED. I THINK I'LL WAIT A YR.

  3. After a year... i don't think you'll a big chop by then... just trimming the part you still got perm... i think. good luck on your journey

  4. I can't wait til you do it!
    I know it's gonna turn out just as beautiful as you are!
    I'm doing mine around June as well, or possibly earlier.
    Don't know yet.

    But I am looking forward to seeing yours!
    Just make sure when you do it, it's when you're ready!

    Much Luv,

  5. A year is a good time period. Don't be scared...just slowly trim the ends more and more and when its time to chop it all of it won't seem like so much hair. It will be FAB!


  6. i tran for about 5 months, i was so scared tho chop it all of so i did this mohawk. i cut it all to the natural hair in the back and the sides but left the top a lil longer. i ve never had hair this short ever, but i like it(my mini chop) its easy and great.i cant wait for it to get longer though <3

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  8. It's scary but liberating. Once you get over the initial shock you will love it. I have done it twice. My original length wasn't as long as yours but it was still jarring. I have kept it short off and on ever since.


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