August 4, 2016


I never thought the day of me preferring tea over coffee would ever come.  I noticed I wast finishing my favorite iced coffee day by day and eventually I woke up about to head off to grab my coffee (this is literally a daily ritual) and I had no desire to do it.  I'll have to explain the deets in a video, it is quite funny as everyone knows that I love coffee and my day begins with it.  Some people take their vitamins in the morning, I took my coffee with 2% milk and vanilla in the morning *giggles*!

I'm a Taurus and we need rituals, we feed on consistency and routines so I needed something in place of my morning coffee because life just didn't feel the same without drinking something in the morning.

I'll have a chai with milk & honey, please. 

I've reverted back to my old time favorite TAZO chai from Starbucks.  This was all I ever drank when I worked for Starbucks back in 2006 because I had never drank coffee.  I believe I've told this story before but when you're an employee for Starbucks it is important to know what each roast was like so we often did taste tests in store before opening.  In the beginning I cringed and then those cringes turned into mmmm's!

What is your favorite tea?