January 7, 2016


It excites me to see that my hair is growing (See previous post) that means the classic formula of leaving my hair alone is working! I removed the faux locs, deep conditioned my hair and rocked it out for about 48hrs.

Yes, I filmed a #NaturalHair video before going back into protective mode. It wasn't a tutorial, more of a take down and "Look how fab my hair turned out" type of video. *Giggles*

Being that I have a love for chunky twists I decided to bring it back. I went a bit lighter this time around, I love it, I feel like a lioness!

I'm wearing Bobbi Boss hair yet again, it has been the only hair so far that does not give me the itchies. I did notice that this time around the hair is a bit softer and much easier to work with.
I purchased 4 bags of hair and used every bit of it.

I did the twists a bit smaller this time, I have 50 twists. Last time I had about 46 twists and I they were a lot chunkier in the back. I used the same about of hair for each section this time but at the top I made he parts larger to give it more of a natural, growing out of the scalp appearance. 

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