January 7, 2016


10 months of growth. No supplements, just better choices. No heat, no color, minimal manipulation and the use of natural products. I have learned so much about my hair this 2nd big chop round and the process is easier and even more enjoyable. That "ugly duckling" phase that I talked about when I first went natural didn't really exist this time.  Not being afraid to do a little trimming here and there to shape my fro for my face shape. Thankful for that bad relaxer, going natural was one of the best decisions I've made. I can talk about all of the changes I've made in adulthood, I think I will share in a video soon! 

I recently shared how I removed my faux locs and did a natural hair update, click here to watch


  1. Girl your hair is beautiful 😩😍

  2. Girl your hair is beautiful 😩😍


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