October 25, 2015


It's known that I have oily skin and I use to fight with it in the past but have come to love and appreciate my oily skin for obvious reasons; When your skin is oily, you are less prone to wrinkles.  Though I am less prone to wrinkles I am more prone to acne and dreadful break-outs.  I remember being a freshmen in college and reading in a magazine (I don't remember which magazine) that you should coat your face in petroleum jelly and you'd wake up with beautiful dewy skin.  I did this for a few months... I didn't break out, and I even thought I saw a difference in the glow of my skin.  A guy that I was dating at the time was head over hills with my skin and asked me what I did to get the glow.  I told him the petroleum jelly trick and he began doing it himself.  I didn't stick with him long enough to find out if he liked the method over time but I did fall off the petroleum jelly band wagon and went back to using lotion to moisturize my skin.  Point of this story was to give you in idea of the type of things I've tried with my skin in the past.

I've come a long way from just using body lotion on my face.  I went from just plain lotion to a fancy face moisturizer and now as I'm growing wiser and learning more about the things we put on our skin and how they affect our overall health,  I've decided on the natural route.  I'm slowly but surely transitioning all of my skin care and cosmetics.  My hair and skin loves natural products.

I want to introduce you to the holy grail of facial oils! All month long I've been using the Facial Oil by Body Cosmetics.  Oily girls, I know you're just about ready to run the opposite way because WHY WOULD WE PUT OIL ON OUR OILY SKIN?! I've used this product 2 times a day since Oct. 1st and just a slight observation of mine... I didn't experience my usual menstrual related breakouts.  Now, I haven't been using this product long enough to know whether the oil contributed to it or if it was luck but I'm betting on the oil. It has truly been a savior for my skin and you guys have been calling me out on it in my recent videos on my YouTube channel.

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