June 17, 2015


I spent a good portion of my morning rearranging my succulents.  I've mentioned in the past that plants are a way for me to escape into, it relaxes me.  Over the past year I've developed a true passion for plants and have become some what of a connoisseur when it comes to succulents and the propagation of succulents (growing more plants from a single plant).

I ended up decapitating my kalanchoe/flapjack plant [Cut plant head photographed above].  Once a seasoned flapjack aka pancake plant bka paddle plant has grown a glorious flower on top it'll begin to die-- You'll have to cut the top to allow new growth; Which at first thought is so unfortunate because they are so gorgeous and not spotted often but wait a few weeks and you'll get babies sprouting up around the base!  Out of all of my succulents, I knew the very least about this one, so this all happened by surprise, I had no idea about the process until I did further research and waited patiently to test the theory.

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