June 24, 2015


Allowing my scalp to breathe with this chic style
I used kanakelon jumbo braid hair from The Sassy Collection,  this is my first time using the brand in hopes of avoiding the itchy scalp that I've received in the past using the Vivica Fox brand kanakelon braid hair.  This style took about 5.5 hours, the cutting & burning of the ends is what really held me up, otherwise I feel like this could have been a breezy 2.5-3hr job.  I will be jazzing it up with a few gold clamps once my local hair store restocks!

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June 17, 2015


I spent a good portion of my morning rearranging my succulents.  I've mentioned in the past that plants are a way for me to escape into, it relaxes me.  Over the past year I've developed a true passion for plants and have become some what of a connoisseur when it comes to succulents and the propagation of succulents (growing more plants from a single plant).

I ended up decapitating my kalanchoe/flapjack plant [Cut plant head photographed above].  Once a seasoned flapjack aka pancake plant bka paddle plant has grown a glorious flower on top it'll begin to die-- You'll have to cut the top to allow new growth; Which at first thought is so unfortunate because they are so gorgeous and not spotted often but wait a few weeks and you'll get babies sprouting up around the base!  Out of all of my succulents, I knew the very least about this one, so this all happened by surprise, I had no idea about the process until I did further research and waited patiently to test the theory.

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