April 26, 2015

Dear Diary // Pose N Post Symposium: New York

Hey New York,
we connected in a major way. Let me say this-- When I meet you, I feel exactly how you feel inside.  I become overjoyed and just want to hug you again and again.  Throwing out my hand for you to shake just doesn't feel right because we're way closer than that. You know?!

As much as you feel I am your best friend in your head I feel the exact way.  I share so much with you girls and know that I receive nothing but honesty from you.  Only a real girlfriend shows that kind of love.  It was all love New York and I was so happy to be in your presence.

 - xoxo, Brosia

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  1. Sara Jean-BaptisteApril 29, 2015 at 7:25 PM

    Hey Brosia, it was so great to meet you in NY. It;s so crazy but yes, I've been watching since before your BC in 2009, wow. I'm really not a commenter so you would really not know but it's awesome to have met you that night. Congrats on all your new ventures.


Thank you for commenting! -xoxo, Brosia