February 27, 2015


My love for Starbucks coffee is chronic, in late evenings I look forward to the morning time in which I can make myself another cup.  I've been using the Classic Pour-Over brewing method from Starbucks for the past month and I find myself grabbing for this over the French Press as of late. 

The Classic Pour-Over sits directly on top of the cup that you plan on enjoying your coffee from

Using a #2 coffee filter, add your coffee.  
Side Note: 
I recently purchased a coffee grinder and it has taken my coffee to another level.  Trust me, the little things really do count in creating the perfect cup. 

After using the Classic Pour-Over a few times to get taste that I desire I found that when I grind the coffee really fine it creates the best flavor.  Simply amazing and I look forward to it every single morning.

What is your favorite blend?

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  1. I am becoming a coffee fanatic. I used to drink it when I was younger. I was a "social drinker". Now that I am a mother of three...I need it! I need at least one cup per child to get going in the morning. Although I do not prefer Starbucks (maybe the blonde roast, but not the regular stuff), I may try your pour over method.

    I completely understand what you're talking about when you refer to the coffee grinder. We had one growing up. The whole house smelled awesome! Maybe I should purchase of my own. *shoulder shrug*

    Tenisha Jonece

  2. I love Starbuck's Ethiopia! You've got to try it



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