December 22, 2015


I love Arizona, the weather here is perfection aside form our drastic summer temps.  There is really no need for heavy coats and we can pretty much wear open toe shoes year around.  Though it is a bit cloudy today and we're expecting rain in the next few days, I'm bouncing around in my black sack, sandals and a hat just in case the rain actually decides to fall.

Dress: Local Boutique (Similar Dress Here ) // Hat: Forever21 Wide Brim Hat // Shoes: Luxtrada The SAFARI in Leopard Tan Watch: Skagen

December 17, 2015


c/o SIX:02
Outfit | Top: Puma Jacquard Tee / Leggings: Puma Clash Long Tight  / Shoes: Nike Huarache Blk/Wht Little Details |  Watch: Skagen / Bracelets: Forever21 / Lipstick: ColourPop Limbo

I don't remember the last time I actually wore a dress during the holidays (aside from evening affairs) it had to be sometime during early childhood.  My mom has always been an athletic wear kind of gal and I remember like yesterday, we would all wear matching joggers/jerseys/track-suits what ever was trending that year!

This holiday season, I challenge you to be chic in your active wear!
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December 4, 2015


My planner is jammed packed with events and appearances for the month of December so I've been working on my holiday makeup looks.  I'm going for the usual minimal look but what an exaggerated glow. Today I used my new brush set from Real Techniques (Available here).

December 2, 2015


I put my heart and soul into making my perfect cup of coffee every morning.  Life really does begin after coffee in my house but sometimes I don't have it in me to make my coffee... those are the days when I just hop in the car and drive up the street to Starbucks--However, it's been so cold early in the morning and the walk to the car just isn't going to work in these dipped temps.

STEP 1.)  Boil Water
STEP 2.)  Pour The Instant Latte into your cup
 STEP 3.)  Stir + Enjoy :)

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December 1, 2015


I can't believe that I've already been here for nearly a year ...Well, it will be a whole year in January.  I'd only lived in an apartment on my own in the past and ended up hating it, quickly realizing that it wasn't for me.  I moved in to this home to get a grasp on what things would be like living in a house on my own.  It definitely has it's pros and cons, being that I am only renting there wasn't much I could do about changing things.  I've made this space work for me though, still incomplete but something in me as saying its time for another change *giggles*

These photos were taken about a month ago, things have changed a bit since then.  It might be cool to do a total tour on my 1 year mark in January!  YES, I think I will do that!

Living Room


Makeup Corner

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November 8, 2015


The BF and I catch our zen every Sunday in the yard.  I moved into this sweet/quaint little house in January and have transformed the yard drastically!

When I purchased this grape vine that he's spraying here, nearly all of the leaves fell off and it seemed as though it wasn't going to make it.  He's been spraying it with Solution 3, a folier spray and now it's thriving!  I think I may put winter grass down, I don't know how I feel about the yard turning brown and soggy *insert yuck emoji here*

Here is a look at some of the other plants.  The mint is the second photo below, someone told me to dig it up because it grows like crazy! I intend to have lots of mint, to share!

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October 25, 2015


It's known that I have oily skin and I use to fight with it in the past but have come to love and appreciate my oily skin for obvious reasons; When your skin is oily, you are less prone to wrinkles.  Though I am less prone to wrinkles I am more prone to acne and dreadful break-outs.  I remember being a freshmen in college and reading in a magazine (I don't remember which magazine) that you should coat your face in petroleum jelly and you'd wake up with beautiful dewy skin.  I did this for a few months... I didn't break out, and I even thought I saw a difference in the glow of my skin.  A guy that I was dating at the time was head over hills with my skin and asked me what I did to get the glow.  I told him the petroleum jelly trick and he began doing it himself.  I didn't stick with him long enough to find out if he liked the method over time but I did fall off the petroleum jelly band wagon and went back to using lotion to moisturize my skin.  Point of this story was to give you in idea of the type of things I've tried with my skin in the past.

I've come a long way from just using body lotion on my face.  I went from just plain lotion to a fancy face moisturizer and now as I'm growing wiser and learning more about the things we put on our skin and how they affect our overall health,  I've decided on the natural route.  I'm slowly but surely transitioning all of my skin care and cosmetics.  My hair and skin loves natural products.

I want to introduce you to the holy grail of facial oils! All month long I've been using the Facial Oil by Body Cosmetics.  Oily girls, I know you're just about ready to run the opposite way because WHY WOULD WE PUT OIL ON OUR OILY SKIN?! I've used this product 2 times a day since Oct. 1st and just a slight observation of mine... I didn't experience my usual menstrual related breakouts.  Now, I haven't been using this product long enough to know whether the oil contributed to it or if it was luck but I'm betting on the oil. It has truly been a savior for my skin and you guys have been calling me out on it in my recent videos on my YouTube channel.

Visit the shop page to see the contents of this oil:

Pre-order your facial oil and receive 15% off using promo code BCF15N. This offer is only valid for the month of October.  This product will begin shipping out during the first week of November.
Available exclusively at BrosiaLove.com

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October 23, 2015


I've always read that when doing finger coils it is best to do it on soaking wet hair.  Though the method works, I didn't actually perfect the look until I did just the opposite and coiled on towel dried/damp hair.  The soaking wet method may work for some but for those of you dealing with low porosity hair like myself, it is best to style and apply product to damp/towel dried hair.

In this video, I show you how I achieve my perfect finger coils.

More Photos:

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October 17, 2015


My family and I took a day trip to Williams to visit Bearizona.  Bearizona is a wildlife park and get this, they offer a drive-thru where you can drive your own vehicle in the wild to see these lovely animals in their home.  This was such an amazing experience, it's not often that you see a bear just sitting n the side of the road like Winnie The Pooh *giggles*  If you're ever near Williams, AZ. this is a must see!
Address: 1500 Historic Rte 66, Williams, AZ 86046

Mom and I
Little Sis and I

My Fam.

I am such an animal lover, they just make me feel over joyed. I enjoyed seeing everything but my priceless moments was my bond with the goats, they're so sweet and their personalities are some what like the personality of a dog.  Goats are so loving.

What are some of your favorite things to do with your family?

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August 21, 2015


Why am I barely getting to posting the images from this awesome late morning picnic on my lawn? I decided to do something different and soak in some morning sun, enjoy my favorite coffee, Starbucks and snack on granola.  If you have seen my recent videos then you know that I can not do anything at home without my assistants Coco & Carter accompanying me and taking the perfection out of the plans.  I love these guys so much, they keep me grounded LOL!

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July 19, 2015


My honey attended the Brave Wings Fashion Show with me last night at the W Scottsdale.  It was my first time back out, it had been ages since my last time attending an Arizona show and might I say, it was such a beautiful production! 

 Meet Jenesis', creator of Woman's Touch Apparel.  She presented her collection Out Of Africa.  It was mind blowing, from the tribal face paint and vibrant patterns down to the empowering wording on the garments and sassy walks-- I loved every moment of it. Check out @WomansTouchApparel on Instagram!

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June 24, 2015


Allowing my scalp to breathe with this chic style
I used kanakelon jumbo braid hair from The Sassy Collection,  this is my first time using the brand in hopes of avoiding the itchy scalp that I've received in the past using the Vivica Fox brand kanakelon braid hair.  This style took about 5.5 hours, the cutting & burning of the ends is what really held me up, otherwise I feel like this could have been a breezy 2.5-3hr job.  I will be jazzing it up with a few gold clamps once my local hair store restocks!

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June 17, 2015


I spent a good portion of my morning rearranging my succulents.  I've mentioned in the past that plants are a way for me to escape into, it relaxes me.  Over the past year I've developed a true passion for plants and have become some what of a connoisseur when it comes to succulents and the propagation of succulents (growing more plants from a single plant).

I ended up decapitating my kalanchoe/flapjack plant [Cut plant head photographed above].  Once a seasoned flapjack aka pancake plant bka paddle plant has grown a glorious flower on top it'll begin to die-- You'll have to cut the top to allow new growth; Which at first thought is so unfortunate because they are so gorgeous and not spotted often but wait a few weeks and you'll get babies sprouting up around the base!  Out of all of my succulents, I knew the very least about this one, so this all happened by surprise, I had no idea about the process until I did further research and waited patiently to test the theory.

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