xoxo-Brosia: March 2014

Sunday, March 23, 2014


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Have you ever gotten to a point where your twist outs no longer seem to lay right?  My gosh, I suffer from this problem far too often.  One observation I have made is that my twist-out's don't come out as well when I put way too much time into them.  The parts are ultra visible, twist were made way too tight making the lower portion of the hair look tight while the root is puffy, it almost gives off the apparence of having split ends.  I've realized that my hair looks better when I do my lazy Celie twist with a flexi rod at the end! If you've been natural for a few years, you remember back in the TWA days, the more time you put into your hair the better it seemed to look? As it grows I really see that less is more.  See an example of my easy twist with the flexi-rod at the end in today's Sunday Prep video:

My hair doesn’t like when I use too many products so for this fresh simple style I am using water, Shea Butter throughout my hair and spraying Carol’s Daughter moisturizing conditioner on the ends.  I then applied flexi rods to the ends

Product List:

Carols Daughter Moisturizing Conditioner: http://bit.ly/1jnxr7R
Shea Butter

Queen Helene Mint Mask: http://bit.ly/1ld2Tdj
Michael Todd True Organics: http://bit.ly/1mnp6pl

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


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This morning Rob and I grabbed breakfast at Crepe Bar in Tempe, it was the first visit for both of us and we were 100% pleased.  The initial arrival was welcoming, it really gave off that downtown vibe which I really love.  The small menu made it easy to make a selection, we both had a breakfast burro crepe.  I had a Vanilla latte, he enjoyed a caramel latte that he added even more sweetener to LOL thats my Rob!  We snacked on some complimentary granola while we waited on our meal, it came out within about 10 minutes, it was amazing! I am big on presentation, the bacon added the perfect touch without feeling heavy. After we'd finished eating our main dish we had a complimentary dessert, I'm not certain what type of cookie it was-- it was delicious nonetheless, everything was RICH.  If you happen to be in the Tempe, AZ. area stop by 7520 S. Rural Road, Tempe, AZ. [Elliott & Rural Rd.]