December 23, 2014


Cathy Hobbs is one that does her job of Interior design effortlessly. It truly is amazing to see someone doing what they love as a career.  I look up to women like Cathy, too many women feel that if you're not behind a desk for 10 hours, it isn't work.  Take this from someone who was miserable for 3 years doing what was absolutely wrong for me, it is mentally damaging and psychically exhausting.  Since leaving my office job, I now work 10 times harder than I did before but frankly, it doesn't feel like work because I am doing what I love.  Cathy you are a have it all woman, I am still building my empire and I thank you for putting forth what you love in an amazing way and inspiring younger women like me to continue to strive for more, embracing our natural attributes to have it all.

Looking in on Cathy Hobbs' interior design expertise, I'm going to have to play more with faux fur and mixing textures.  I loved her use of texture within the throw pillows on the bed (you guys know how much I love throw pillows)!  I'm also taking her advice on using more mirrors to open the space up.  In 2015 I will be moving into my new home and I will be taking you guys along with me for the whole journey of designing my new living space.

With its stylish looks and premium interior, the Nissan Altima is just as much as an individual as you are. Not fitting into one mold is what makes the Nissan Altima not only unique, but very exciting!


Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Nissan via Mode Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Nissan.

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  1. Congratulations on your upcoming move! Excited for you and cannot wait to watch the interior styling.


  2. I'm beyond excited for whats in store! Thank you

  3. I am LOVING what you have been doing with your space. I'm enjoying the transition but I'm definitely Looking forward to the finished product.

    Maggie A

    1. There will be a total change! I'm excited to share the details!


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