September 19, 2014


My love for coffee didn't begin until I was a senior in high school, when I applied for my 2nd job in life at Starbucks!  I knew nothing about coffee, tea, or any other "fancy" drink for that matter.  But I did know one thing, I was excited to be around people that were happy and friendly.  Any time I visited a Starbucks, which was rare at that time (because they hadn't built them on every other corner yet) I enjoyed talking to the baristas.  Back in the day, I never went for the drinks I always grabbed the pastries!  To get back on track, my love for coffee began while I was a barista.  We had to taste each blend and describe all of its notes, fruity, earthy, bold, smooth, etc. Honestly, in the beginning I would just throw things out there based on what an older woman that I worked with said (LOL) later in the game my taste buds became THAT much more sophisticated and I was then able to accurately describe a blend.  Pretty much, that is when it all started now coffee is a daily ritual that I truly enjoy.

I'm using an espresso ground but you can use any roast you’d like.  Also, you may fill your cup with coffee cubes instead of ice so that your coffee isn’t diluted as the ice melts.  Since I am using espresso I don’t loose too much of the bold flavor so the melted ice is no problem.  

Bodum French Press // Mason Jar from Target


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