September 29, 2014


Maxi Dress from Forever21 // Nike Visor from Nike Store // 
Metallic Body Tattoo's from Lime Light Tattoos // Lipstick is MAC's Smoked Purple

September 21, 2014


Did you know that coffee grounds can be beneficial for plants?  The used coffee grounds provide organic matter to your soil and improves the quality of it.  You can also add it to your compost, which is something I will talk about later!  If you've had a problem with bugs around your plants this is a great/non-toxic way to control that problem

September 19, 2014


My love for coffee didn't begin until I was a senior in high school, when I applied for my 2nd job in life at Starbucks!  I knew nothing about coffee, tea, or any other "fancy" drink for that matter.  But I did know one thing, I was excited to be around people that were happy and friendly.  Any time I visited a Starbucks, which was rare at that time (because they hadn't built them on every other corner yet) I enjoyed talking to the baristas.  Back in the day, I never went for the drinks I always grabbed the pastries!  To get back on track, my love for coffee began while I was a barista.  We had to taste each blend and describe all of its notes, fruity, earthy, bold, smooth, etc. Honestly, in the beginning I would just throw things out there based on what an older woman that I worked with said (LOL) later in the game my taste buds became THAT much more sophisticated and I was then able to accurately describe a blend.  Pretty much, that is when it all started now coffee is a daily ritual that I truly enjoy.

September 17, 2014


Every year around the peak of the summer I develop an itch to cut my hair.  Every time I cut my hair I feel regretful of doing so.  4 years ago I had my hair cut in a wedge type shape and loved every moment of it but as I began to grow out I realized that I was able to retain that shape by molding my hair and embracing the shrinkage.  What I feature in the video below is the same technique, only my hair has not been drastically cut that way in so long!'

September 13, 2014


Jumper: Eight Sixty // Shoes: Forever21 // Hat: BCBGMaxazria // Glasses: RayBan // Watch: Skagen // "Ambrosia" Necklace: Vintage, Mother had it made when I was a baby // Bag: Fossil

Summer has passed us by but the heat still lingers.  I've darkened the colors of my wardrobe a bit but have not opted for anything full length up top just yet, I'd more than likely melt.  A typical Arizona fall remains warm through the end of October so my cozy cardi's will remain tucked away until then.  Today we had some fun exploring South Mountain's stone homes where the scorpions stay (I didn't see any) I remember when I was a little girl I would always get so excited to come here.

September 12, 2014


Embracing the fact that we are reaching the end of our extremely hot days in the Arizona valley.  Clothes and shoes are from Forever21// Jewelry is Brosia Love, the hand piece is HERE // Frames are Nectar