July 3, 2014

Summer Lipstick Trends

Today I tried out a few bright and bold lipsticks for the summer with Stefani Vara of Comida Caliente!

Lipstick #1
Ambrosia - NYX: Shocking Pink http://bit.ly/TSW05n
Stefani - Wet-N-Wild: CherryPicking http://bit.ly/1qDEb8z

Lipstick #2
Ambrosia - NYX: Addis Ababa http://bit.ly/1rrAIKt
Stefani - Kat Von D: Backstage Bambi http://bit.ly/TSWisW

Lipstick #3
Ambrosia - Wet-n-Wild: Carrot Gold http://bit.ly/1mdRlps
Stefani -  MAC: Morange http://bit.ly/1lYyrU7

Check Stefani's channel for the darker lipstick colors and let us know which ones are your favorite!

Also, there are some pretty sweet tips on lipstick applications in our dark lipstick color video and I must add, it is hilarious!


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