March 23, 2014


Have you ever gotten to a point where your twist outs no longer seem to lay right?  My gosh, I suffer from this problem far too often.  One observation I have made is that my twist-out's don't come out as well when I put way too much time into them.  The parts are ultra visible, twist were made way too tight making the lower portion of the hair look tight while the root is puffy, it almost gives off the apparence of having split ends.  I've realized that my hair looks better when I do my lazy Celie twist with a flexi rod at the end! If you've been natural for a few years, you remember back in the TWA days, the more time you put into your hair the better it seemed to look? As it grows I really see that less is more.  See an example of my easy twist with the flexi-rod at the end in today's Sunday Prep video:

My hair doesn’t like when I use too many products so for this fresh simple style I am using water, Shea Butter throughout my hair and spraying Carol’s Daughter moisturizing conditioner on the ends.  I then applied flexi rods to the ends

Product List:

Carols Daughter Moisturizing Conditioner: http://bit.ly/1jnxr7R
Shea Butter

Queen Helene Mint Mask: http://bit.ly/1ld2Tdj
Michael Todd True Organics: http://bit.ly/1mnp6pl


  1. Love Carol's daughter hair products.
    Loved your last video about opening up. It is so important to follow your heart and listen to what its telling you because some people don't get to experience that. They spend years doing something they think they love and end up miserable and can't seem to figure out why. They answers will come to you as time goes on <3 Thanks for not abruptly randomly leaving though. That would have been a terrible break up.

    Maggie A

    1. Thank you for commenting and most of all thank you for being such a loyal viewer. Definitely following my heart and doing what feels right. I'd feel so bad to just randomly leave, expect to see me around! xo

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