Monday, February 10, 2014


The amount that I pay on my phone bill is out of this world! I throw a side-eye at my Verizon bill when it arrives-- Yet I willingly pay the amount month to month because in today's society a phone is something that we absolutely can not go without. We'd be missing out on all of the social media goodness! Honestly, I feel like it is my duty to be on social networks inspiring, motivating and helping others... so of course I'm keeping my phone!

I love sharing new products and stylish things that you all can get your hands on but what I love even more is sharing ways on how to save money (so that you can put that toward saving's-- or that fab pair of sunglasses you've had your eyes on, ha!) I am ashamed to say that I have been paying over $180 for my phone bill and all of it's LIMITED DATA. I hate to see that text message come across stating "You have used 75% of your data" being only 10 day's into the new data month. Jeez, I could go on and on, but I won't-- I'll just share the news on how to save.
I am still using my Verizon phone and Verizon still provides my service--  However, I switched my phone to the Flash Wireless plan and now my phone bill is $67 per month,  no contract, unlimited talk, text and best of all UNLIMITED DATA, I was happy to hear that!  No more seeing that dreadful data usage text pop up on my screen LOL.  So here I am, sharing the information with you, use my personal link for the deal. This offer is only available for Verizon and Sprint phones.

How to:
2. Select your state
3. Select the image that says 'Wireless'

If you already have a Sprint or Verizon Phone *

4.  Select Transfer Your Device Sprint user's click the link in the gray box with yellow writing, Verizon users click the link in the blue box w/ white writing5. Check that your device is accepted and follow steps to save

If you are a new user to either Sprint or Verizon Select Shop Now and choose your new device *

------------ D E T A I L E D   S C R E E N S H O T S  ------------

You have the option to transfer your old number or get a new number:

 When you check out, you will be paying 96.99, your monthly charges will be $67.00

You can save on other monthly bills also, visit:
Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions:


  1. This is great! I only wish it were in NYC :(

    1. It is available in NYC also
      You have to open the drop menu and scroll down to your state.

  2. What happens to your current bill/contract?

    1. Depending on your service provider and how long you've already been in your contract the payout rate from your carrier can very from $150-$300. You can transfer your phone over, keep your same number and make a payment plan with your current provider to pay out of your contract through small installments.

  3. Can I still use my phone as a hotspot if I make the switch

    1. Mobil hotspot is still an option, it'll be an additional $20 per month. I've included a screen shot within the post of what your check out would look like.

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  5. Hey! Is the data speed 3G or 4G?


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