xoxo-Brosia: June 2013

Monday, June 24, 2013


I've been battling with scalp problems since my bad reaction to a relaxer back in 2008.  Scalp flare-up's have been on and off since then and have progressively gotten worse over the years.  Now my whole scalp is covered in what appears to be scalp psoriasis, I have no diagnosis at this point since I am currently in the process of finding a good dermatologist.  Over the weekend I had my first break down of being completely fed up with dealing with my scalp problems and almost did the ultimate. . . Shave my head.  My dad talked to me and gave me lots of encouragement and the best advice, not to do it.

I am putting my hair in twist so that I can access my scalp easier to moisturize it.  I've read online that  moisturizing the scalp with organic coconut oil should do the trick, so Rob picked some up from his sister's favorite spot
herb & tea house

I will talk about this later on in an update video :)

It smells so amazing, reminds me of an almond joy.  I will keep you all posted on my scalp in a future YouTube video.  Wish me luck ;)

Monday, June 17, 2013


Have you heard the news?  Google Reader is shutting down comes July 1st.  If you are a user of Google Reader, make the switch over to Bloglovin', it's all that I've personally ever used xxAM

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


After being seen without makeup, I am often asked
"Why do you wear makeup, you don't need it!"
I thought that times had changed and people began to realize that
feeling "unpretty" is not everyone's reason for applying makeup.
Girls and some guys ;] just wanna have fun!

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Los Angeles For #GENBEAUTY

Generation Beauty by Ipsy Early Registration/Pre Event?

Lots of people arrived on Friday, it was suppose to be an early bird registration and pre event of some sort that included networking and cocktails.  Since it was all a big mixup of plans a few of us ( Tiarra Monet, LeceeMissy LynnMegz,  ) decided to grab dinner and drinks at Yard House and talked for hours-- Great convo ♀ !

Generation Beauty by Ipsy: Day 1 

It was amazing meeting Whitney, so friendly and bubbly in person.  Definitely my kind of girl it felt like I had known her personally for ages, ha! Filipe was there and so was baby Olivia looking cute as ever!  Later that day I had lunch with Ebony/ColoredBeautiful and Janne/DearNatural62, I was in great company during my whole Los Angeles trip.



Glossy box is celebrating a year of beauty

With Glossy Box now being out for 1 year, they loaded the box up with some 
great things, such as 1 free wax at European Wax Center, along with the body goodies 
and a few other great things that I will later try out.  the Euro. Wax center certificate was definitely my 
fav. thing within the box this month!

GlossyBox has been one of my top favorite boxes over the past year, there has never been a box that didn't include products that I oozed over!

Give GlossyBox a try ♥

Quick word of advice to beauty box brands to create longevity of your customer's loyalty to your monthly subscription.
It is important that prior to sending a beauty box to a client, you receive general information about the client (Age, Sex, Skin Tone, Skin Type [Oily, Dry, Combo], Hair Texture) through a simple survey.   These are all important to assure that the client is receiving the best products to try out.  Skin tone is nearly at the top of the list of importance-- when a client receives makeup to try that isn't in an appropriate shade for her skin tone it can not be used.  Leaving the client at a loss for both trying out a new product and getting her money's worth for the monthly subscription.  The same goes with all other aspects of the general survey.  The main point is to get the client to try products from new brands, brands she has never heard of and brands that she may not have tried on her own.  I hope this helps :)