October 2, 2013


Flowers are great for brightening up lives.  I ordered a bouquet from the Bouqs to liven up my desk area, and the simply classic arrangement that I selected did exactly that!  When ordering from the Bouqs, you'll notice that each bouquet has a purpose/occasion.  I chose "Taking Care of Business" because that is what I am all about.  If these were not for myself, the categorized flowers would be great to send to someone after you've done work together (i.e. successful event, closed on a house, etc.) you get it, right?

A friend of mine cackled at me when I told her that I ordered myself flowers.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with treating yourself to something special.  When I see flowers, romance isn't the only thing that comes to mind, I'm looking into the beauty of them.  I may just subscribe and receive flowers monthly!  I think the subscription option is so neat, if you've got a special someone even your monther/grandmother, best friend, you can have flowers sent to them on a scheduled basis.  Even if you're a boutique owner, there is nothing more welcoming than fresh flowers in your shop!

Check out the Bouqs

You choose the day, they'll ship it on time! 


  1. It's great to order things, including flowers, for yourself. Recently I went to the flower store and bought myself flowers. The lady asked me who they were for and I said myself. She nearly turned her nose up at me because I wanted to treat myself. Flowers for others are nice, but there is nothing wrong with buying them for yourself. Even if you order them online.

  2. So beautiful hun

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  3. How gorgeous! I love pretty pictures! You know, I love flowers, just as every women does I'm sure. The are a a huge mood boost for me. I had no clue about this service. I'll have to give this company a try. Nice post!



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