Sunday, October 06, 2013


All we knew is that Milk of Magnesia did a darn good job at keeping our oily skin nice and matte throughout the day.  Though I never noticed a horrible break out spell through previous uses,  I'll be honest, I was curious about what MOM was doing to my skin.  A product that kept me matte literally all day long.  Even our best of skin primers let out enough oil to create that dewy affect.  

What is MOM (Milk of Magnesia) 
This is a product geard towards those unruly upset stomach days, only we found a way to make it part of our daily make-up application routine.  I've seen people cringe at the thought of putting this product on the face as a beauty product.

I will no longer be using the product as I've found OC8 Professional Mattifying Gel-- which I absolutely love.  When I introduce you lovlies to a product because I'm currently loving it, it is also my duty to inform you of the problems and effects I have had from it.  MOM may still be your BFF and part of your daily routine, continue use at your own discretion :)  I am not against it, but prefer my skin clear, thanks.

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  1. Okay, so over time you noticed it to be a skin clogger... sheesh I'm trying to get my major break out under control. Seems that wearing less make up as possible would be the key lol. Thanks for the update on this! I'll use it with discretion



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