October 2, 2013


Flowers are great for brightening up lives.  I ordered a bouquet from the Bouqs to liven up my desk area, and the simply classic arrangement that I selected did exactly that!  When ordering from the Bouqs, you'll notice that each bouquet has a purpose/occasion.  I chose "Taking Care of Business" because that is what I am all about.  If these were not for myself, the categorized flowers would be great to send to someone after you've done work together (i.e. successful event, closed on a house, etc.) you get it, right?

October 1, 2013


You may already know that I straightened my hair for the first time last month.  I wasn't to giddy on the outcome,  truth be told. . . I believe I used way too much heat protectant and I was rather careful with the heat, keeping it at 380.  I actually had more of a blown out look than a flat ironed look.  My hair just felt stiff.  During my time of having straight hair-- when I wasn't wearing wigs I was wearing braid styles.  This style featured in today's blog post had to be my favorite.  Check out my tutorial for the look