Thursday, September 05, 2013


Cardi: F21 / Top: Candy / Shorts: diy / Shoes: Shoe Mint Sukie Boot / Necklace: Compass Pendant
I'd love to introduce you all to Candy Shoppe Apparel, first off it feels absolutely amazing to see local designers doing great things.  I've never worn a simple tee with such soft fabric, the quality is top notch.  I literally wore this top 3 days of the week, I just could not get out of it.  It is the perfect layering piece and it is so easy to dress up and dress down, can you blame me for pulling a 3-day "trick the eye" switch-a-roo?! 

I got a chance to work with Candy Shoppe Apparel through BL Boutique, the gorgeous model is wearing our Stone Cluster Necklace paired with the 2-Tone Tee!  

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