August 19, 2013


COLOR'S USED: Black Brown: Red Heart's Toast Yarn / Blonde: Red Heart's Wheat Yarn

It took about 7 hours total to finish my hair, the wrapping was a crazy tedious process, which I don't believe I'd be able to go through again any time soon.  The end product was completely amazing , nonetheless.  Being able to have some lengthy hair laying over my shoulder's felt good.  That is, until it was my run day. . . I've recently gotten into running regularly (which is completely amazing for me because I am far from being a runner) I am so proud of myself for it.  However, figuring out how to style my hair for my run was a pain, finally I got it to stay up in a ponytail.  The ponytail felt like it weighed at least 10lbs.  My poor neck, that was the hardest run ever and guess what. . . these little faux locs were out within 4 8hours later.  

I tell you, I am uber excited that I am finally getting into running and I will let nothing hold me back from it, not even that super fabulous hair style.  We may meet again in the future. . .


  • When installing this style, keep in mind the weight of them.  Make sure you grab sections around your hair line that are large enough to hold the wrap.  This isn't the style to stress getting the braid exactly on your scalp, that will definitely cause you some discomfort.
  • Be sure to moisturize your natural hair really well. Use a moisturizer and lock it in with an oil.


  1. Looks really great. I always wanted to try this style but I never knew how it was done.

    Maggie A
    Love Mavin

  2. I love the yarn twist and the added colors look great, but yarn twist or even box braids can be very heavy hairstyles that will hurt your neck.


    1. Exactly, that is why I ended up removing them. The weight of my yarn wraps were extremely heavy, I've never experienced that kind of weight on my head from any other hair style in my past.

  3. Hi Brosia! I love the locs on you, but I totally understand how you feel. I'm a runner and I installed box braids over a month ago and didn't keep them up 3 weeks. I'm in Alabama where it is VERY hot and humid and it made my runs exhausting--Especially having the weight of the hair. I struggled to find styles as well. Then I got frustrated on my runs having on a Camel Bak + braids hitting my back + heat/humidity. I love you versatility so I know whatever you do will be FAB! And just know you ARE a runner! The moment you hit the pavement/trail wherever...every mile is earned! I love running and it's my passion and I get excited when I meet other runners. Enjoy the journey! Happy Running!!! =)



    1. "you ARE a runner" <--- This made me smile so big. Thank you so much for your motivation, I am really excited about my new found joy! You removed your box braids in 3 weeks? Okay, so I don't feel bad for removing them to get my run on ;)

  4. YES! This takes way too long. It took me ~ 10 hours over 3 days to install my yarn dreads. I liked the end result (except for the ends) but not the amount of time it takes to install.




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