April 29, 2013


Currently blogging from my new Microsoft Surface! 
As an Apple junkie, this powerfully compact device will take some getting use to, so far so great.  I've been toying with it for a few hours and now feel like I am getting the hang of it.  Initially I wasn't so sure about the hard keyboard that features keys that don't actually move-- however with each stroke comes a sound to reassure that you are actually typing.

What I liked about it . . .

- I found it to be good on the go.  I normally do the majority of my work on my MAC Pro, but lets face it, that thing can get heavy.  Because of the weight I purchased an ipad which lacks that good keyboard function.  With the Surface, I get the lightness of an ipad with the function of a pro.

- Checking emails and social networks is a breeze, all social networks are on 1 platform and only a swipe away.

- When ever I think webcam I automatically thing "gritty quality".  I filmed a video and uploaded it directly to YouTube from the Surface, the quality was good to my surprise!

- Lets not forget the kickstand on the back, which makes this perfect for letting my favorite videos play though the que and catching up on my favorite HBO videos

To sum it up. . .

If you're near a Microsoft store, don't over look this device! There are so many fabulous accessory choices to go along with it.

DISCLAIMER: XOXO-BROSIA was gifted with the Microsoft Surface, but was under no obligation to review the technology. I was genuinely impressed with it and wanted to share my thoughts with you.


  1. Hey Brosia! Love your blog, its been inspirational watching you grow your empire. Im getting mine off the groud and learning how to use these codes and html stuff is tedious but it feels so rewarding once I figured it out lol I'd love for you to check out my blog whEn you have time
    www.thisispeace-thisispeace.blogspot.com thanks!

    1. thank you Ashlee! Yes, codes are tedious but get it all completed feels great! I will check out your blog!


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