December 5, 2013


I encourage all naturals to have fun with their hair.  Love what you were born with but never limit yourself.  So many are fast to judge when a natural makes a sudden yet fabulous change.  Lets stand and clap for one another for being open to trying new things and having fun with our hair!
Color, Cuts, Weaves, Wigs, Straight, Kinky, Combo, we do it all but at the end of the day we also LOVE what we were born with and feel equally fabulous wearing it au natural.

October 2, 2013


Flowers are great for brightening up lives.  I ordered a bouquet from the Bouqs to liven up my desk area, and the simply classic arrangement that I selected did exactly that!  When ordering from the Bouqs, you'll notice that each bouquet has a purpose/occasion.  I chose "Taking Care of Business" because that is what I am all about.  If these were not for myself, the categorized flowers would be great to send to someone after you've done work together (i.e. successful event, closed on a house, etc.) you get it, right?

October 1, 2013


You may already know that I straightened my hair for the first time last month.  I wasn't to giddy on the outcome,  truth be told. . . I believe I used way too much heat protectant and I was rather careful with the heat, keeping it at 380.  I actually had more of a blown out look than a flat ironed look.  My hair just felt stiff.  During my time of having straight hair-- when I wasn't wearing wigs I was wearing braid styles.  This style featured in today's blog post had to be my favorite.  Check out my tutorial for the look

September 17, 2013


It was apparent that I was mostly interested in the handbags within my first post on the Phillip Lim for Target collection.  My reminder to head to Target was added to my calendar well in advance, I was super amped about picking up the bag(s) that I had my eye on.

I got there about an hour after the store opened and was in luck!  Of course I had my eye on the Mini Satchel, but was unsure as to which color I'd choose (a coin toss between black + taupe)

I believe I was a bit deceived by the size of some of the bags that I saw online prior to the release,  they're actually larger than I thought they'd be.  I passed on all but the gorgeous Mini Satchel and the wallet

August 21, 2013


I am clearly infatuated by the bags!  These satchels are definitely something that the business savvy gal should have within her closet.  Although the satchels all have similarities, I've got my eye on all three listed to the left.  The Mini Satchel (First photo to the left) is considered priority. . . at the top of my list!  I'll say, if I can not get my hands on anything else, just having this mini would be so gratifying.
This PJ set is amazing. 
I actually have a pajama set smilar to this from Target (Not Phillip Lim, obviously).  Perfect for Arizona weather, keeping cool as a minimalist, I love floral + there is a dust bag included? WIN ;) There's just something about a dust bag that makes a purchase feel that much more 'worth it'.  There I go again, my obsession with detailed packaging.  I'm that girl that is purchasing the pieces simply because the packaging is nice. 

This is going to ba an amazing collection and I can not wait to get my hands on these pieces.  I don't believe I've ever anticipated the launch of a target collab as much as this one.

With many other Target/Designer collabs, you'll have to make sure you're one of the first in the store if you plan on getting your hands on the good stuff.  I remember making it into the store in the late evening on the day of a collection launch and was left with picked over pieces that were two sizes too large *WOMP WOMP WOMP* I've got it all planned out this time around.

Which pieces are you most excited for within this collection?

A v a i l a b l e   S e p t .   1 5  t h  
@   m o s t   T a r g e t   s t o r e s  a n d   T a r g e t . c o m

August 19, 2013


COLOR'S USED: Black Brown: Red Heart's Toast Yarn / Blonde: Red Heart's Wheat Yarn

It took about 7 hours total to finish my hair, the wrapping was a crazy tedious process, which I don't believe I'd be able to go through again any time soon.  The end product was completely amazing , nonetheless.  Being able to have some lengthy hair laying over my shoulder's felt good.  That is, until it was my run day. . . I've recently gotten into running regularly (which is completely amazing for me because I am far from being a runner) I am so proud of myself for it.  However, figuring out how to style my hair for my run was a pain, finally I got it to stay up in a ponytail.  The ponytail felt like it weighed at least 10lbs.  My poor neck, that was the hardest run ever and guess what. . . these little faux locs were out within 4 8hours later.  

I tell you, I am uber excited that I am finally getting into running and I will let nothing hold me back from it, not even that super fabulous hair style.  We may meet again in the future. . .


  • When installing this style, keep in mind the weight of them.  Make sure you grab sections around your hair line that are large enough to hold the wrap.  This isn't the style to stress getting the braid exactly on your scalp, that will definitely cause you some discomfort.
  • Be sure to moisturize your natural hair really well. Use a moisturizer and lock it in with an oil.


July 30, 2013


Lamp: Target / Desk: Denmark {Similar} / Chair: Eco Leather /

I am constantly switching things up.  
My space changes with my mood, right now I am feeling
a bit girly/glam yet, my clean simplistic ways stay.

What is your style like, lets hear about it in the comments!

July 11, 2013


t h a t   I   h a v e   t r i e d   a n d   a p p r o v e   o f   ;)

Facial Cleanser's
Aveeno Ultra Calming Foaming Cleanser /Aveeno Positively Radiant Brightening Facial Scrub / Sibu Beauty products

Facial Moisturizer's
Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion / Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer / Aveeno Intensive Night Creme / Sibu Beauty proucts

I always tone my skin with Dickinson's Witch Hazel

I hope this helps you girls out, xx!

July 7, 2013


Red has never been on my list of favorite colors to wear.
I wore this gorgeous sheer blue shift dress and polished my toes blue ;) 

Dress: H&M / Hat: BCBGMaxazria / Necklace: Draped Crystal Necklace BL Boutique / 
Watch: Skagen Gold Watch / Nails: Dead Disco c/o Wrap Artist / Bag: R&Em Satchel

In case you missed the video!

July 3, 2013



Top: H&M / Shorts: Nasty Gal Cutoffs / Boots: Sukie Boots c/o ShoeMint
Bracelet: BL Boutique Faceted Bracelet / Earrings: BL Boutique Ruby Love Faceted Studs / 
Glasses: Rayban Aviator Large

July 1, 2013


Happy first day of July!  I am so excited to bring you yet another dazzling 
shade of the hand crafted faceted stud, I hope you love
them as much as I do!

NEW Special Edition
Ruby Love Facets for BL Boutique.  

Turban Wrap: BL Boutique [Sold Out] / Earrings: Ruby Love Facets BL Boutique
Necklace: Braided Snake Chain / Jumpsuit BCBGeneration /
SunGlasses: Vintage Wayferer

June 24, 2013


I've been battling with scalp problems since my bad reaction to a relaxer back in 2008.  Scalp flare-up's have been on and off since then and have progressively gotten worse over the years.  Now my whole scalp is covered in what appears to be scalp psoriasis, I have no diagnosis at this point since I am currently in the process of finding a good dermatologist.  Over the weekend I had my first break down of being completely fed up with dealing with my scalp problems and almost did the ultimate. . . Shave my head.  My dad talked to me and gave me lots of encouragement and the best advice, not to do it.

I am putting my hair in twist so that I can access my scalp easier to moisturize it.  I've read online that  moisturizing the scalp with organic coconut oil should do the trick, so Rob picked some up from his sister's favorite spot
herb & tea house

I will talk about this later on in an update video :)

It smells so amazing, reminds me of an almond joy.  I will keep you all posted on my scalp in a future YouTube video.  Wish me luck ;)

June 17, 2013


Have you heard the news?  Google Reader is shutting down comes July 1st.  If you are a user of Google Reader, make the switch over to Bloglovin', it's all that I've personally ever used xxAM

XOXO-BROSIA on Bloglovin'

June 12, 2013


After being seen without makeup, I am often asked
"Why do you wear makeup, you don't need it!"
I thought that times had changed and people began to realize that
feeling "unpretty" is not everyone's reason for applying makeup.
Girls and some guys ;] just wanna have fun!

June 5, 2013

Los Angeles For #GENBEAUTY

Generation Beauty by Ipsy Early Registration/Pre Event?

Lots of people arrived on Friday, it was suppose to be an early bird registration and pre event of some sort that included networking and cocktails.  Since it was all a big mixup of plans a few of us ( Tiarra Monet, LeceeMissy LynnMegz,  ) decided to grab dinner and drinks at Yard House and talked for hours-- Great convo ♀ !

Generation Beauty by Ipsy: Day 1 

It was amazing meeting Whitney, so friendly and bubbly in person.  Definitely my kind of girl it felt like I had known her personally for ages, ha! Filipe was there and so was baby Olivia looking cute as ever!  Later that day I had lunch with Ebony/ColoredBeautiful and Janne/DearNatural62, I was in great company during my whole Los Angeles trip.



Glossy box is celebrating a year of beauty

With Glossy Box now being out for 1 year, they loaded the box up with some 
great things, such as 1 free wax at European Wax Center, along with the body goodies 
and a few other great things that I will later try out.  the Euro. Wax center certificate was definitely my 
fav. thing within the box this month!

GlossyBox has been one of my top favorite boxes over the past year, there has never been a box that didn't include products that I oozed over!

Give GlossyBox a try ♥

Quick word of advice to beauty box brands to create longevity of your customer's loyalty to your monthly subscription.
It is important that prior to sending a beauty box to a client, you receive general information about the client (Age, Sex, Skin Tone, Skin Type [Oily, Dry, Combo], Hair Texture) through a simple survey.   These are all important to assure that the client is receiving the best products to try out.  Skin tone is nearly at the top of the list of importance-- when a client receives makeup to try that isn't in an appropriate shade for her skin tone it can not be used.  Leaving the client at a loss for both trying out a new product and getting her money's worth for the monthly subscription.  The same goes with all other aspects of the general survey.  The main point is to get the client to try products from new brands, brands she has never heard of and brands that she may not have tried on her own.  I hope this helps :)

May 28, 2013


Last week I posted a tutorial + review using Entwine Couture hair products.
I was not able to feature the take down of my bantu-knots within the video, the footage
had dis appeared!  Welp, I found it yesterday . . . Enjoy!

May 24, 2013


I've posted quite a few photo's on IG that included a shot of my DIY jeans. I never thought of them to be a big deal but so many of you requested a DIY tutorial on how I shread them. I aim to please :)

May 16, 2013


In case you missed it. . .

My birthday was last week and like always, I am always looking to do something different with my look with each year of growth.
It's like a type of motivation to keep things fresh ;)

I maintain my bantu-knot out's by doing a pineapple-- bringing all of my hair to the top of my head [near my forehead] and applying a hair band.  With my current cut and the shape that I am now going for, I do two sections, half of my hair goes to the very front of my head near my forehead and the back is slightly lifted and put in a hair band.  

Lipstick: NYX Matte Lip Creme / Necklace: BLB Light As A Feather 

May 10, 2013


My parents got me a juicer for my birthday I put my Juicer to use for the first time today!  I ended up with a deliciously refreshing drink

I'd say, not bad for my first time juicing.  I definitely need to purchase more veggies next time.  Although it looks like a lot on the cutting board, this bunch of healthy goodness didn't make as much as I'd expected.  I'll write down the actual measurement next time. 

Cutting Board: Architec Eco Smart / Knife: Tomodachi Parer / Juicer: T-Fal