xoxo-Brosia: December 2012

Saturday, December 29, 2012


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 I love this liner, It looked fab paired
with my MAC Lipstick - So Chad

I've kept this little perfume stick in my pack since the day that I received it!  
It has the consistency of  lip balm but of course, it's perfume. . . 
rub it on your pulse points (wrists, neck, etc.)

This face scrub smells awesome!  I've been using it every night,
I don't think I'd use it during the day since it leaves my
skin feeling quite oily.

All of the great products provided
in October's glossy box!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


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I am not a gym rat, nor am I a yoga connoisseur. 
I am the girl who enjoys an occasional work out session. I love to go mountain biking with my Mom and her group (Women of Color on The Move) and a hike here and there get's my blood pumping! 

I love to wear my work out gear when it's just a day of errands.
 it is the most comfortable attire, plus-- a pop of color here and there just get's me giddy! 
I feel more productive when I am in work out attire,
effortlessly chic. ;)

Why is work out attire so pricy?!
 I ask this question all of the time, $80 for a sports bra--$60 for shorts.
Even I will admit that those high end prices make me cringe.

I found out about PV Body, they carry fab fitness attire 
for the best price

Whether you are a gym rat, a yoga connoisseur, or if you're like me and simply enjoy
the look for a day of errands, this is for all of us.  

I've taken the style quiz and ordered my box!  
Go sign up early, lets look athletically-chic together ;)

You doll's will save 20% 
using the link below: