xoxo-Brosia: August 2012

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Am I the only one who actually shop's around for an airport look as soon as I know that I have up and coming travels? Don't answer, as I already the honest A to that Q "OF COURSE YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONE, BROSIA!"

Mental Checklist
The slightly cliche Look That 
I absolutely adore for the airport:

  1. Long sleeve Maxi Dress because you'll never know what the temps. will be like in the airport or on the plane, it's best to go with sleeves as it is no fun to freeze while on a long flight -__-
  2.  Comfy flats, you want to go with something that isn't a hassle to take off and put back on.  Those security gates can be a pain, but it's for our safety. . . After all
  3. ultra chic Aviators since it seems like so often that people in the airport decide to stare at others out of boredom.  Bringing along a pair of glasses makes for great face armor! 
I like to keep accessories to a minimum in the airport, more than likely cutting jewelry down to a scarf, simple studs, and a watch.  As for hair, you can bet that more than likely I'll have my hair up in some variation of my signature  "Brosia Bun". Typing this up brings to mind that I should definitely do an Airport Makeup video! Hmm! Soon to come ;)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

HUMP DAY: Retail Therapy

Coach Wristlet,  Gold Watch

I use to find it so hard to shop for others, I'd always want to make sure it was something that I knew for a fact they would love and use.  

Follow my simple guide lines
Shopping For Others Made Easy

  1. Pay attention to what they wear
  2. Go shopping with them months in advance and see what they are scoping out 
  3. Figure out what they need in their life, what should they be wearing?
My Mom loves Coach, be it sports gear since she is a gym-rat, or chic hand bags, she loves it.  While shopping for mom I kept in mind the fact that I want her to get plenty use out of it.  I know she loves purses and she owns many of them, I don't see her carry them too often.  I went with this simple wristlet from Coache's new Legacy collection.  Such a CLASSIC!

I've been checking out Skagen watches for my self about a month ago, when I began my scope-o-rama, I saw the one above and instantly thought of a watch that my Mom use to wear daily when I was a child!

This made shopping for her so easy,  I payed attention and all the difference was made.  This has been the easiest shopping ever! 

I also snapped some photo's in the J.Crew fitting room while trying out this super cute Boat Neck tee in Bright Kiwi with gold hardware! I was not exaggerating last week when I said I was becoming completely obsessed with J.Crew, still loving my Whip Skin iPhone Case
LOL this is what most girl's do in fitting room's, YOU KNOW YOU DO! 
This is why we take so long ;)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fall Style Essentials

BCBGeneration Bardot Updated Satchel{$105}, Wet Look Ankle Leggings{$36}, Betsey Johnson Lillian Shoe{$109}, Duo Cross Earrings{$16}, Women's BCBGMAXAZRIA Anderson Sheer Blouse{$158}, Split Maxi Skirt{$48}, Black Studded Shorts{$76}, Selima Sun® for J.Crew Belle sunglasses{$98}, Reverse Studded Shoulder Knit Sweater{$82}, J.Crew Printed wool scarf{39.99}, Jeffrey Campbell Paige Studded Sandal{$158}, ASOS US Just Female Jersey Striped Midi Dress{$70}

Monday, August 13, 2012


My weekend look normally consists of light flowing, laid back pieces.   

Fedora {BCBG MAXAZRIA} Similar/Cheaper alternative Here
Blouse {F21} Similar Here
Mini Lulu Suede Clutch in Dark Grey {Blair Ritchey}

Side Cross Anklet {BL Boutique}
Druzy Pendant Necklace {BL Boutique}
Clear Stone Charm Necklace {Local Designer}

Sunday, August 12, 2012


I am lusting for all of the above.  Little pretty things like Field Note booklets seriously just makes my day!  I will always and forever be a Blacks & Nudes girl, that's what truly catches my eye.

2. Alexander Wang Boots {YOOX US}  
3. Burberry London {Net-a-Porter}  
4. Skagen Watch{Bloomingdale's US} 
5. 3.1 Phillip Lim{Shopbop.com} 

Side Note | I dreamed of #5 Last night ^_^

Friday, August 10, 2012


I love spicing up my iphone and adding new accessories, last weekend I posted a photo on my IG showing you all my new Whipsnake case from J.Crew and was instantly bombarded with questions! Ha, it's all love :)

To answer some of your questions, this case is not bulky at all. Yes, It is In genuine snakeskin.  A bit of insight, I hadn't stopped by J.Crew in a while and I must say that I had been overlooking their amazing pieces! 

Side Note| Nails: Sinful Colors - Pink

Tuesday, August 07, 2012


Since when did our hair dictate the way that we feel about ourselves?

India Arie hit the spot with I am not my hair, so many women chanted the lyrics yet, it's like no one even listened.

The way you wear your hair does not dictate the way one feels about theirself at any particular moment.  Sure at times people go through rough situations and do things such as shaving it all off, completely understandable.  But why is it that when a kinky/curly girl wears anything that did not actually grow out of her scalp it is assumed that she is not happy with her own hair; what ever happened to just wanting to switch it up?

Why is it that we always have to explain ourselves when ever we want to do something different to our hair? 

Hi, I am a woman with Natural Hair.

I am able to wear my hair kinky today and straight tomorrow.  It is totally liberating.
 I will not explain myself when I wear a weave, 
be it a clip it, sew-in, lace-front, etc. You shouldn't either.

Why is it that one can be talking about something so moving, so empowering, yet she is not heard because all they are interested in is "That Hair"  
Hair is wonderful, hair is fab, I love hair but I am so much more than that.  Someone who can only talk about hair should definitely expand, there is so much more to life than conversations on follicles.  Lets expand our minds. . .