xoxo-Brosia: June 2012

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I love playing in my hair, and as of late I have been playing around with new styles on a weekly basis.  It's like I have been craving new looks.  When it comes to hair I strongly feel like we should all experiment with different techniques and styles, I call people like myself #FunNaturals!  

There's nothing greater than a style that not only looks great and does a complete 360 from your "everyday look" but it's doing no harm to my own hair


2 Packs of hair
Weave  thread (Regular thread works)
Weave Clips (The kind you sew on)

Measure your head in rows, cut each track as you measure
once you have all of your pieces cut, sew 2-3 clips on each piece
As you can see, I've taken my coils out of my mini twists and simply:
Sectioned off a nice size piece on the top to blend with the weave
Pulled the rest of my twists back into a low pony
Pinned the excess hair up flat toward the top of my head 

I have only about 13-14 rows of hair clipped in, I will make it a bit fuller once my other hair clip's come in. I purchased a bag of 50 for only $7 on etsy, as oppose to buying packs of 3 for $2.  I sewed on 2-3 clips on to each track depending on how secure it needed to be in the particular area.  The hair was $9.99 at my local hair supply MODEL MODEL {EQUAL} Weave. Style: Twin Deep 18" Color 1 I hope this give's you doll's inspiration, don't be afraid to try out new styles!  

Wednesday, June 06, 2012


 What I Wore:  Crop Top [Forever21], Jeans [Forever21], Shoes [Target], Necklace [BL Boutique], Watch [Michael Kors]

Face:  Foundation [MAC] {Studio Fix Fluid}, Blush [MAC] {Raizin}, Concealer [Neutrogena] {Medium}, Lips [MAC] {Cherish}, No Shadow, Brows defined with L'oreal {Super blendable concealer C 6-7-8}