xoxo-Brosia: February 2012

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

FEATURE: Feeling Beautiful With Cancer

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I support this cause and know that you all will too,  below is an article that I encourage you to share with your friends and family! xx, 

By: Jackie Clark

It's hard to feel beautiful when you're exhausted from the side effects of cancer treatment for mesothelioma from asbestos exposure, breast cancer or any other type of cancer. Following a diagnosis of cancer, the focus often turns to the illness, rather than maintaining focus on your wellness and beauty. Before and during your cancer treatment program, you can still look and feel beautiful, which will in turn help you feel more confident. The benefits of maintaining a sense of fashion and beauty extend beyond your appearance. Incorporate these tips to feel more empowered and confident in your fight against cancer.

Treat Yourself to Something Special

The old adage "Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today" holds true when it comes to fashion and beauty. Many women decide to wait until after treatment is over or until after another milestone is achieved to treat themselves to a new outfit or makeup. Don't wait. You are as deserving of a treat today as you will be in a few months. When possible, buy yourself a colorful blouse or scarf to add color to your complexion, or try a new bronzer that leaves your skin looking sun-kissed.

Enjoy the Latest Fashion Accessories

With each new season, new accessories are introduced throughout clothing and department stores. Start a new trend for yourself by adopting a signature accessory. If you love colorful necklaces, stock up on a few fun ones and wear them frequently to add color to your outfit and a smile to your face. You can also add a few stylish, colorful scarves to your accessory wardrobe to wrap around your head or tie around your neck.

Try New Makeup

Trying new colors and types of makeup can be a fun way to spend time with friends or older daughters. Experiment with makeup you've never tried before and make the experience all about having fun. When doing your makeup each day, use blush to add color to your face and eyeliner to define your eyes. These two things alone can make you look and feel much better.

Wake Up Your Senses with Perfume

Spritz on a new perfume with floral or citrus top notes to make you feel more energized. Fragrance can give you an instant boost of energy, while making you feel more beautiful, too.

Although cancer treatment and diagnosis often leaves women feeling unattractive and defeated, you can take your power back from cancer by doing positive things for yourself. Fashion and beauty may not seem important, but looking good can help you to feel good, too. Make an effort each day to doing something nice for yourself, using the tips above. At all times, but especially when fighting cancer, you deserve to look and feel as beautiful as possible.

About the Author Jackie Clark: Fashion for me has been something of a passion. Ever since I was a child my mom would pull her hair out trying to dress me. I needed flashy and trendy. Traditional clothing just wasn't enough. I grew up spending way too much money on clothes because I struggled wearing the same thing twice. As I grew up I realized the value of a dollar as an Outreach Coordinator with the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance and I figured out that fashion doesn't mean buying something new. The best outfits are those pieces put together from a variety of styles from last seasons boots to my vintage sweater and great grandmother's earrings. Fashion is whatever you style is and my style changes each and every day.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


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Hi guys! This morning I posted a video on the steps I took before doing my weekly twist-out, I have answered some of your questions in the video down below. Also, it has been so long since I have done one, but I thought it would be nice to do an outfit of the day.. just for you! 

Top: Forever21
Trousers: H&M
Shoes: Shoedazzle
Necklace: BLBoutique
Watch: Michael Kors

Friday, February 17, 2012


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New to the shop, facets in Lemon Grass, both handmade & painted. If you're a fashion head, than you know that pops of color is essential for the Spring/Summer months; adding a bright color to a simple outfit is great way to get into trend.  

As seen in yesterday's How To| Messy Pony (Updo) video I added my bright facets to bring some life into the black maxi dress that I wore.  Bright, yet small and classic enough to wear in the office!



Thursday, February 09, 2012


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I have never been one to be confined to only shopping the high end shops, I truly enjoy stepping into department stores occasionally for a good find!  This isn't always an easy task, as these stores tend to be quite the reck-- "Ohh this is so cute, but it isn't my size" yet your size is nowhere in sight, it's probably misplaced in a completely different department"

I paid another visit to Marshall's and came up on two hot finds!
Trixie Platform Pumps$49.99 ]

B/W Bodycon [$13]
I am not sure of the brand, but it was priced amazingly!  Although, there is a small stain on it that I am going to fight to get out, so I believe that is why it was so inexpensive.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012


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Last week I felt like my hair was definitely lacking my usual standards of moisture, so I decided to co-wash my hair in the morning right before work to bring my tresses to life. Normally I do not wash my hair in the day time only because I made a decision to only go with set styles (i.e. twist-outs), to avoid having to leave with a wet head. Once my hair hit a certain point in length, I felt like it was no longer okay to leave the house with damp tresses.

Yesterday I washed my hair and put it in a low coil-y pony which I loved! I am no longer anti-washing in the morning! I don’t believe I’ve tried this style since maybe sometime last year. It’s funny how we realize that I hair has grown after revisiting a style that didn’t necessarily work out some time the year prior.

No gel, simply a hair butter and of course the conditioner that I didn't completely rinse out.

Coming This Week:
VIDEO | Trimming Ends