xoxo-Brosia: January 2012

Monday, January 30, 2012


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I stopped by Target to get a few things that I’ve been meaning to pick up over the last week or so.  No specific brand in mind, I knew I either needed to go to MAC and pick up another Siss lipstick (one of my favorites) or find something like it.  

Wet-n-Wild | 902C [BARE IT ALL]
Although It doesn’t glide on as smooth as MAC, it does do the trick.The tube is pretty cheap, but as for formula quality, it lasts longand is a pretty good alternative to Siss, only about $3.

With things already transitioning into the Spring/Summer styles I decided to go ahead and start testing the waters for the perfect Neon/Bright lipstick colors

Wet-n-Wild | C905D [Smokin’ Hot Pink]
This actually looks a little more on the red side on my bare lips than what I’d expected.  I will have to try this out with maybe a base, or perhaps mix it with another color.

These two products below don't really impress me much, the mage last Wet-n-Wild retractable eyeliner in Charcoal doesn't have the best color pay off, I prefer a liner with a softer formula, and richer color.  As for the E.L.F. studio Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara it's okay, coats the lashes and gives you a nice daytime lash look, nothing dramatic and only $3.  
 Now, to wrap it up. . . these weeks have been rather busy and I’ve been a #badbrosia, falling asleep sitting up with a face of makeup. Leaving the house at 6am and notgetting back in until around 10/11pm will do that.  I absolutely cannot stand sleeping in makeup, so it was essential to get some type of makeup removing face wipes for those exhausting nights.  I picked up the store brand makeup remover cleansing towelettes (30 pack) about $3-$5,  I'm happy with them so far, I will update you all of I have any breakouts *knocks on wood* 

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