September 6, 2012


Maxi dresses have become an essential piece in my wardrobe.  They're so relaxed, yet versatile and can easily be made appropriate for the office. Add a nice blazer, the right heels and you're good to go! 

You enjoyed last weeks Airport post and it was so obvi. that you were yearning for more on the Maxi Dresses.

As a former Stylist for BCBGMAXAZRIA I have grown to really appreciate the brand and it's quality, most of my maxi dresses/skirts are Maxazria; however, they're not always in budget for the everyday woman so I have included some options ranging from $30 to $90.

I have featured some amazingly priced structured jackets, these are absolutely amazing as a maxi throw over.  Doing this instantly makes your two piece ensemble appear as an outfit well thought over.  These are the looks I go for, I constantly press my effortless looks, Try it out!

I'd quickly jump to either of the above options on a warm day.  You know, those days where a jacket of any kind is NOT an option.  Adding a statement belt will do all of the difference to a Maxi.  Do keep in mind placement as this could either make or break your look. Sometimes it is best to place the belt either a little above your natural waste line, or a bit below.  We are all made differenly so normally you'll need to play with placement until you find your perfect spot.

If you have a short torso (like I do) try to avoid those extremely wide belts, they normally do us no justice. 

When looking for a belt, opt for something with some elastic.  Wearing a belt with elasticity will provide you with comfort throughout the day, allowing the belt to continuously stretch with your body.
As for foot wear, opt for something strappy. I like to avoid extreme high top heels unless my maxi has a high split, but then we'd be thinking night time ;)


  1. I love BCBG!!!! One of my favorite stores and brands :) WOW a stylist there....why did you leave??? Dream job!!!

    FOLLOW each other????

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  2. Maxi Dresses have become so versatile and they have really stepped up the different of options of silhouettes ! Def love this guide to styling them up


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