August 28, 2012


Am I the only one who actually shop's around for an airport look as soon as I know that I have up and coming travels? Don't answer, as I already the honest A to that Q "OF COURSE YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONE, BROSIA!"

Mental Checklist
The slightly cliche Look That 
I absolutely adore for the airport:

  1. Long sleeve Maxi Dress because you'll never know what the temps. will be like in the airport or on the plane, it's best to go with sleeves as it is no fun to freeze while on a long flight -__-
  2.  Comfy flats, you want to go with something that isn't a hassle to take off and put back on.  Those security gates can be a pain, but it's for our safety. . . After all
  3. ultra chic Aviators since it seems like so often that people in the airport decide to stare at others out of boredom.  Bringing along a pair of glasses makes for great face armor! 
I like to keep accessories to a minimum in the airport, more than likely cutting jewelry down to a scarf, simple studs, and a watch.  As for hair, you can bet that more than likely I'll have my hair up in some variation of my signature  "Brosia Bun". Typing this up brings to mind that I should definitely do an Airport Makeup video! Hmm! Soon to come ;)


  1. LOL thank God am not the only one who gets stared at at airports and come to think of it with the sunglasses you can stare at other people too :)

  2. Packing is always a hassle, but figuring out what to wear for the flight is even more of a hassle ! Great post ! Chic and fabulous as always !

  3. Adding a scarf makes you look effortlessly chic, its the perfect accessory.

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  4. Brosia, I love the thought of a long sleeve maxi dress! Where do you usually get yours? I haven't seen any in Forever

  5. Yea, where can we find a decent priced long sleeve maxi dress?

  6. I don't have a long-sleeve maxi and I think I need one!


Thank you for commenting! -xoxo, Brosia