March 11, 2012


1. Tresseme Deep Cleansing Shampoo & Flawless Curls Conditioner {Washing & Conditioning with these products, these large bottles last forever!} 2. Huetiful Steamer {I only use this about once a month, or every other month, depending on the condition of my hair} 3. Sectioned Hair in 4 Parts {This makes life with natural hair so much easier when it comes to washing, prevents your hair from becoming a tangled mess during the process} 4. Twist & Clipped 4 Sections up {I have clipped the hair up toward the top of my head, still in four sections, to assure that all of my ends are steamed during the treatment} 5. Pick {After steaming, I detangled with this small hair pick} 6. My Curls 


  1. Hey Brosia,
    I use my steamer every two weeks. Your hair may be healthier than mine. I am in Idaho and this weather is crazy. So I try to keep it extra extra moisturized. Can't wait to see your latest yt video.

  2. Have you seen a difference in your hair since using the steamer?

  3. I can't believe u can detangle all that hair with that pick ( :


Thank you for commenting! -xoxo, Brosia