xoxo-Brosia: September 2011

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Protective Styling For The F/W

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I have never been a big fan of having to wash my hair during the winter, leaving the house with my hair wet when it's cold outside is just not a good feeling at all.  So I've been thinking about what protective styles that I could do for the cooler season.  Tree Braids were the first to cross my mind, a huge head of curly tree braids, diva hair. . . ha!  But then I thought about it, and I really want try something different, so I have decided to do Genie Locs/Yarn Braids.  I picked up a bundle of black Redhart yarn on Friday, started cutting the yarn on Saturday.  I will probably start on my hair tonight and finish Tuesday since I have the day off from BCBG.  We will see, I am so excited for it!

Hope you all have enjoyed your weekend, mine has been productive and fun!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Good People

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It's important to surround yourself with good people-- people with a strong self motivation with the drive to just MAKE IT!   I don't like to be stingy with my friends, meet Shaad!  

Born May 30,1980 in Inglewood, CA raised in Detroit, MI Rashard "Shaad J" James used the talents that God gave him at the early age of 6. He started playing drums at his church at 10 years old while singing in the choir . Although he loved music, sports was a big factor in his life. Therefore putting off music for several years of his life . 
But in the year of 2008 while living in Atlanta, GA he decided to get back in the groove of music. In April 2009 he landed a sweet job with the artist DJ Class " Mr. I'm the ish "  himself, now currently his official drummer. While being on the road and in the  studio with Class and being introduced to several well known artists, it allowed  the opportunity for Rashard to display his vocal talents. While in Phoenix, AZ DJ class, Shaad J and Jx3 a radio personality for Power 98.3 in Phoenix made a song produced by DJ Class named "Arizona Girl" by Stackz . This allowing Rashard "Shaad J" James to pursue a solo career .

Shaad is also blogging these days, check him out| Slightly Popular | http://slightlypopular.blogspot.com/2011/09/journey-to-popular.html?spref=fb

Tweet Him| @shaadj

Monday, September 19, 2011

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Currently in the office, so let me make this snappy. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I sure did. I got caught up on some much needed rest on Saturday! So happy about that, I actually slept pretty good lastnight but I feel a bit exhausted, or maybe it's my mind playing tricks on me because the last thing I wanted to see this morning was this office. LOL, to all of my gals with office jobs that they don't necessarily love, let's just all hang in there!


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Conditioning Day

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 So this is the conditioner that I've been raving about all week. Tresseme's Flawless Curls, you can pick this up just about anywhere with hair care products for as little as $3 for this huge salon size bottle.   My hair has grown so much so now when I condition my hair I find that it is easier for my to focus on my ends if I apply it to sections of my hair first and then gather all of my hair to the crown of my head and then focus on the ends.  I kept it in for about 45minutes and detangled right before I rinsed.  This was a great reminder to myself of how much I love Tresseme.

I have been using the shampoo for over a year none stop!  I'd definitely say that it's a staple brand that I feel I'd always end up referring back to, along with Organic Root Stimulator and Olive Oil products,  I love treating my hair!

Friday, September 16, 2011

You Were Abandoned

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I have to start off by apologizing for the sideways video. The program that I used to join the two videos on my phone automatically saved it that way. Ugh, my apologies people lol.

Hair: simple "brosia bun" so I definitely wanted to wear my hair out today but realized lastnight that I was out of OO Hair Pudding *insert sad face here*
Lipstick: Half and Half from MAC
Earrings can be found in the shop (http://blboutique.bigcartel.com/product/gold-spike-hoops)

Happy Friday! Have a great day

Friday, September 09, 2011

The Little Black Book

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So I ended up switching my hair up a little after arriving to the office. Does that ever happen to you? Leave the house with your hair out and about 30 minutes later realize how much better you'd feel with tour hair up! So always bring extra bobby pins and an ouch-less hair band. See my updates hai style for the day at the link below


Thursday, September 08, 2011

New & Free

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Just stocked the shop with some chic new items!  Spoil yourself with spikes and stones with these handcrafted earrings by KLSS.  now available in the shop

This week has been full of Fashion! I cant offer you all champaign and refreshments while you browse the shop, but I can offer you all free shipping starting now through Monday.  Enter the promo code FNO11 during your checkout and you will receive free shipping.  

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Retro City Sunglasses Contest Winners!

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You didn't forget about the contest, right!?  You were given nearly 1 whole week to comment as many times as you pleased, I have randomly selected three winners from my YouTube comments on the "Retro City Shades + Giveaway!" video, their YouTube name's are listed in order of the sunglass number that they have won, congrats peeps!  


The Winners:  1 Tiffanysmith21naturalme03 3 NicGLove

Please respond to your YouTube inbox messages ASAP, within 24hrs to be exact, or I will be forced to select a new winner.  Thanks for your participation!  There will be more giveaways in the future

Monday, September 05, 2011

xoxo, The NY Edition

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Hey loves!  I have truly enjoyed myself her in the big city of NY, I will most definitely have to make another trip soon.  Time 
has flown by and I leave tomorrow afternoon back to the Valley I go.  I feel like my next trip to the city will be bigger and better, I most definitely want to meet more of you, we'll plan a meet-up!  I was so shocked during my walk in Time Square a subscriber ran up to me, if you're reading this missy, you scared the crap out of me at first! LOL, thank you for coming up to me, you were so sweet, aweeeee! *hugs*

I love food, and in Arizona all you hear about is how much better NY's pizza is. . . I tried this place and it was quite yummy, but I wasn't blown away, next time I have to get some recommendations from the NY Natives.  

Currently sitting inside of a Starbucks in Time Square. . . loving this beautiful view, it reminds me of my years spent in Down Town Los Angeles.  Those nights when I just wanted to be alone and enjoy some ME time, with a nice view of the city.  This is my kind of evening, I could get use to this for sure!  I’m sitting at the bar facing the window. Slightly funny story, did I just pickup an older man?  No shade to my honey Rob back at home or anything, an older caucasian man just walked by the window and smiled at me, a few minutes later he comes inside of the coffee shop and says “Excuse me, what kind of laptop is that?” My response “It’s a Mac Pro” he says “Thats nice, I just got an Ipad 2, it’s a bit scary” now mind you this is a much older man, I’m talking mid-late 60’s.  I told him that Yes, they can be quite intimidating at first but you should sign up for training at an Apple Store!  
Next thing you know he’s buying me a latte, how nice.  He told me to have a great trip!  He comes back in and asks if I am free tonight (Nope). . . Now, I don’t know how to take this.  He was a very sweet man.  The situation tickled me ( I laughed on the inside ).

Welp. . . Starbucks is closing down, and I need to pack up for my flight tomorrow!  It's been real NY, UNTIL NEXT TIME :)

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Length Check 1-2, 1-2

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The third of this month marks 3 years relaxer free, literally free!  These years have been some of the best, I really found myself after dropping the chemicals.  Honestly, I know that I am not my hair but I seriously feel that I would not have been able to come as far as I have if it were not for my decision to go natural.  I gained so much power after that big chop, no one could ever tell me I couldn't.

  Over the past year I experimented with shaping my hair. Had my hair cut in a "Wedge" short in the back longer in the front using the Deva Chan dry cutting method.  I have not cut the back of my hair again after that, but my hair remained in the wedge shape, which I love.  I do experiment with my bangs, I am always clipping at the front of my hair, it's so much fun to me.  I am no longer afraid of the sheers, it's hair, it'll grow back.  The color on the ends that you see in my hair is a result of my dye growing out. I dyed the top of my hair in December '09 and funny thing is, no one seemed to notice the color until about a few months ago, everyone started asking me if I dyed my tips.  Nope, I'm actually trying to get rid of those pieces, trimming frequently.  I didn't suffer any damage from dying the top of my hair. Don't be afraid to experiment with color, just make sure you take great care of your hair.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Big hair + Bold Accessories

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Good day people!  Can you believe that we have already gotten over the hump of the week? Time sure passes fast when you're having fun *insert sarcastic smirk here*
Here is my first home green tea latte, I do admit. . . It is a bit different from Starbucks but I'm guessing it's different because it isn't the powder form, and it is sweetened with melon instead of classic.  But as a previous barista, I believe Starbucks use to put melon in their Green Tea latte way back in the day, circa 2006-2007.  For those of you that were interested in it, I'd say it's worth giving it a try.  If you tried the SBUX latte and thought that it was too strong, then you'd probably like this one, I believe the melon mellows out the bold flavor of the macca.  

Some of you ask how to put a flower hair clip in such thick hair.  It's rather simple, not rocket science at all, I promise you!  My hair is rather thick, like many other naturals but definitely don't let it get you down, the thickness only adds more oomph to the hair accessories.  I thought I'd use one of the large Adora clips to demonstrate.  I simply grabbed a 1 inch section from the front center of my hair and did a 2-strand twist, I pushed the hair that was remaining on the top crown under the twist ( like a head band) and simply bobby-pinned the twist in place, then. . . placed the hair clip right on tip of the bobbypins.  Accessories like these are even cute to wear on the side of a simple bun,  the possibilities are endless!

I hope this helped!