xoxo-Brosia: April 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011


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So glad that my mom is scheduled for her kidney transplant 5/11/11!  Actually, my Mom and Aunt will both be in surgery because they are doing the "exchange" program.  My mom will receive some ones kidney and my Aunt will donate her kidney to someone needing it, so 4 people will be in surgery exchanging organs! Isn't that great!  Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend, I know I am! We all thank you for your prayers, as we will still need them before, during, and after the surgery <3 you guys are amazing!

xoxo, Ambrosia

Friday, April 08, 2011


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Things are good and motivation is at it's peak.  Through all of the things/situations that has happened recently, through it all I am still able to smile and genuinely be happy!  It is times like these that makes you stronger. . . isn't it a sin to worry? For that exact reason, I refuse to do that.  Love life, I encourage each and everyone of you do to that.  When you feel like the world is at a halt, thats a signal for you to press harder.  A challenge is a good thing.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Hello Kidney

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Still on a hunt, many phone call's received and I appreciate that greatly!  Please help spread the word!  Arizonians,  I will be notifying you all of events being held here in the support of kidney disease awareness and the donor program.  Some of you have been asking about future fund raising events, I will just let you all know for the future since there are no exact dates as of now.

Thanks for your love and support!
xo, Ambrosia!