Sunday, June 05, 2011

DIY Faux Gauge Earrings

I recently reblogged a pair of UO earrings that I absolutely adored. Sure, I could have just ordered myself a pair online but me being a crafty gal, I decided to create a little D.I.Y project for myself.

Clearly they aren't perfect being that this was only my first try.  But I plan on trying thous out again maybe add a gloss finish.  Today I used a  f i m o  brand clay and baked it for 25 minutes in the kitchen oven at 230° after baking, I let the earrings cool for about 10 minutes before I handled them in any way.


  1. i'm impressed! this is a DIY i would've never attempted nor had an idea of where to start. i agree with anon...

  2. I'm inspired.... great idea I've always wanted to wear these, but didn't want to stretch my ear....You are a genius!!!

  3. So creative... Never would hVe thought of this,


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