xoxo-Brosia: December 2010

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


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Good day. . . rainy but good!  The office was pretty mellow all day today and the workload has been low, I'm loving it [ but let me stop speaking on that, because next thing you know I'll have 500 forms sitting on my desk waiting to be worked ] lol not good!

Now time for the highlight, right after work I had an interview for a pt time job at BCBG, I wasn't nervous at all, as I never really am nervous for interviews.  It went very well, great vibes all around.  You guys are probably wondering why I'm looking into having a part time job--right?  Well, as my fellow State employees should know, due to the bad economy we are required furlough days [ days where you are off with NO pay ] now it doesn't sound all that bad being that furloughs are always on Friday's or Thursdays before holidays. . . but when you get that pay ck. you realize that the lil ol furlough day actually put a dent in the $ ahaa, it's soooooooo bad guys.  Everyone things state employees have it easy, totally not true. :/ but I deal with it, my job isn't horrible at all--plus I actually enjoy helping the good guys and busting the bad ones!

It's still raining pretty bad, and we're having a New Years Eve lunch at my job tomorrow [mexican themed] so I decided to make some guacamole. YUM!  I made some to munch on here @ home too! I'm hoping I used enough lime to prevent browning until tomorrow.  Since this was my first time making it I'm quite anxious to see how my co workers like it. We shall see tomorrow!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Blog Sale!

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Hey guys, hope you're all enjoying the holiday season. It's so busy during these times..a perfect time to stay home and be productive, I decided to do some organizing in my closet and ran into soooo many things that I've never worn, and thing's that I have only worn a couple of times.  So below you will see some sneakers available for grabs.

Prices are posted on the photo ( OR BETTER OFFER)  I think I may have grown over the past year because each pair seems to be a bit too small for me now :/


Wednesday, December 15, 2010


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Hey all! Very busy time of year for many reasons ( all positive ) I know I've slightly abandoned my blog updates.  Thanks everyone for wishing me well, I feel MUCH better.  I pray to not get sick any time soon because that feeling was nothing nice! I'm guessing it was a sinus cold, which is probably why my face was so darn sore!

Any how,  I'll try to make it back here before the new year! If not, you'll see me in a BDaily!