xoxo-Brosia: November 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


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After making the decision to shoot my B Daily series, I absolutely had to get sick.  I feel horrible right now, I'm thinking it's a head cold.  I'm rarely sick so this is all new for me, symptoms started about two days ago and went from just a slightly sore throat, to me waking up at 1am with a swollen air way.  I was barely able to breathe, it freaked me out.  Thank goodness I had already prescheduled a doctors visit for later that morning.  I talked to doc about it and they tested me for strep throat, got those results, I don't have strep throat.  I was told to get some rest and drink some broth with salt to help the swelling go down.  In the mean while, I'm stuck sounding like a man :/

Good night folks