xoxo-Brosia: October 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


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Ciara, the ending is hilarious


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Date of Birth

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I love this little guy

I got him when he was 7 months old. So I've only had him a little over 5 months but I swear it feels like I've had him since day one.. he's my little brat.  For the curious ones, Prince is a Shih Tzu, weights about 4.5 lbs. much smaller than the average Shih Tzu, usually they're about 7-12lbs.  Very lovable breed

Thursday, October 14, 2010


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Wow, it seems like I’ve been getting a lot of 3 day weekend’s lately!  With all of the holidays and of course the furlough days (unpaid days off required for all AZ state employees).  Out of all the 3 day weekends, I have to say that this one has been one of the most productive ones!  Now I’m a bit too lazy to type up the activities from the whole weekend.  I’ll just throw in the main tidbits... 

Saturday – if you're on my Facebook page, then you already know that I GOT MY HAIR CUT  I know you all have watched my video ranting on how afraid I was of going to get my hair cut.  Well after some research on the net and reading countless reviews on individual stylist, I found the perfect one.  THAT’S IT! You’ll get more information on that in my next video!  I must make you anxious and have you wait a little 
Monday – Consisted of pure productivity!  Did some serious “fall” cleaning, okay I found sooo many things that I’d been looking for and lost my mind because of it.  Loving the fresh scent in my apartment, cleaning makes me feel so good and rejuvenated.  I always feel more organized and ready for the week if I start off with a spotless living space.  
Also worked on some bracelets for CROCHET LOVE , you girlies have been asking about the comeback of the metallic bracelets, well bracelets are coming back metallically but in an updated style,  I’ll probably be updating the site with all of the new items this up coming weekend. New bracelet is currently available, I am working on more styles and colors! So exciting!  I definitely want your feedback on the items, especially if you have made a CL purchase, please feel free to check out the site and leave your comment in the Chatter section (http://crochetlove.net).  People want to know about your CL Experience.
I appreciate you all for the support, you guys are always leaving the nicest messages and comments it seriously keeps me motivated, keep a look out for my next video

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Long Post

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Hey blog fam,
Due to high demand I’ve decided to give you all an update -the meat and potatoes- LOL ! Despite how busy I am . . .  it’s important to come through often and express myself and jot down the “happenings” of my life, right? YES—
How should I start this off . . .? Life has been exciting, hectic & exhausting all in 1.  I’ve been working like crazy, last week I worked 10hr shifts everyday at my state job.  Mind you I always end the night off crocheting and completing orders, which is lots of work, but a heck of a lot more relaxing and rejuvenating than my state job!  I recently just start picking up a bunch of MUA gigs, which I totally did not expect!  I’ve always gotten email’s and messages via FaceBook from locals asking me if I can do their makeup, but I always turned it down, nervous thinking I was no MUA, or that I wasn’t experienced enough.  Now I won’t call myself a master at it but I’ve done several photo shoots within the last month and I am proud of my work.  I’m even more proud at the fact that to my surprise, I am capable of doing make-up beautiful on people that are of different races & ethnicities.  Actually, each photo shoot I’ve done so far minus 2 different girls, all of the models have been races other than Black-American.  I was so nervous the first time I applied makeup on a model of a different race, hoping I’d get the coloring and everything right on the dot!  She was very pleased with the overall look; she even called me up about a week later to see if I was avail to be her MUA for her next shoot!  WOWZA guys!

My boyfriend and I recently celebrated our 3 year anniversary.  Enjoyed a nice dinner together, we love to cook so we decided to buy steaks and crab to cook at my place.  My mouth waters just thinking about that delicious meal!  I left the meat for him to cook, because as many know, I’m not really a meat person but I sure could LIVE on seafood, it was my first time making crab on my own, I did a superb job * toot toot, beep beep!* but on to the next--   If you’re on my FB I’m sure you probably saw my “changed relationship status” a week ago, right?  I’m sure, being that I’ve gotten so many people asking me to hurry and update my blog, most likely assuming that the post would be about a crazy situation. Well, it really was no problem, the boyf. and I tend to test each other at times, I use to test him a year ago, I guess this year has been his year, and he just pushed my limits a bit too much and I just said you know what, I’m not going to have a childish relationship, if you want a reaction out of me, so be it I’ll give you a reaction.  I simply deleted all sights of him, bbm, facebook, etc. dumb social networking sites and such.  Long story short, eventually we talked and he knew he was accusing me of things just for attention *smh* guys are a trip, right?  But honestly, I did the same things to him last year.  I use to be one of those girls that went through the boyf’s phone as soon as I got a chance to. SO BAD!  Until the end of last year when I told myself that I know I’d be upset if he went through my phone w/o my consent and tried to find a reason to get mad at me.  So I stopped.  Simple as that, I stopped going through his phone because if there is something that he needs to tell me, I trust him enough to know that he will just come out with it, 1 should not have to snoop through their boyf/girlf’s phone.
Thats enough for now, Until next time :)