xoxo-Brosia: August 2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

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Life has gotten so busy within the past month.  This past weekend I felt so overwhelmed with things that I need to do and things that I want to do!  I always say this but there is simply not enough time in one day to “get-err-dun”.  For the most part, I can say that life has been quite productive; I have seriously been on a role with getting Crochet Love out there.  My loving boyfriend (Robert) has been a great help.  I’m so proud of him and how hard he’s been working to promote my line . . . It’s kind of funny though LOL he’s hilarious the way he does it.   I’m thankful to have someone who supports me and totally believes in me during the hardest moments.  Wow--It’s rare that I actually post a lengthy update now, it seems like I’ve just been on and off of the blogger and not giving it much attention.  I am definitely at a point of my life where I really should be documenting everything, taking more pictures, doing more blog updates!  I miss being able to jot down my feelings, and give input on the events that occur throughout the day.  Now I am not making any promises on how often I’ll update, but we shall see
As far as YouTube videos, I am going to be posting make-up tutorials, I have no clue how often though because I don’t wear much color on my eyes these days, usually either a naked eye with liner, or a smoky eye.  The only thing that changes in my make-up looks are my lipstick choices, you all know I love pinks, lilacs & nudes!  Maybe I’ll start using models to do their make-up, and show how to get certain looks with different eye shapes, lip sizes, face structures, etc.  I think that may be great!

Twice a month a video of me is posted to A Word For My Siesta’s ( http://awordformysistas.com ) one about hair and one on make-up/beauty.  So if you’ve been missing me and my tutorials you can always search that way for updates.  My default channel is still ( http://youtube.com/xGOLDn ) 
That’s all for now!

Check out the most recent tutorial "Gorgeously Smoked Eye"

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


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Hey all! So a few of my girls and I have been planning our trip to VIVA LAS VEGAS for a few months, everything has finally gone through and is confirmed that we will definitely be there in a few weeks!  I've been to Vegas many times but not at an age where I was capable of doing my own thing and exploring!  Please gals if you know of any hot shopping/dining/fun area's let me know :)