xoxo-Brosia: June 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

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Hello all! Well, I haven't fell off the face of the universe, I've just been quite busy as usual. Loving the new place ubfortunately I'm not going to be giving a tour, privacy is important, and I feel that putting my complete personal space on the web will just be too much. Its always nice to leave mystery, right? YES. Sorry guys .....

Its rather quiet, living alone is great, but on those super quiet productive nights I really need a lil companion, I'll be picking my Prince (that's what I've named him) up on Thursday (6.17) a little Shih tzu! I'm so excited, he's going to be such a spoiled boy!

I'm happy to say that Crochet Love is expanding rapidly, making the site a bit more diverse, I felt the need to add some different nationalities in there. Photo shoot soon and I am still accepting headshots from models in the Phoenix/Scottsdalt area email »Ambrosia@crochetlove.net

That's all the update for now! Check back later of the week, I'll introduce you all to Prince (named after the sexiest man lol)