xoxo-Brosia: November 2008

Saturday, November 29, 2008


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Hello everyone! How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was great, didn't over eat though (that's a big no no). Main reason for me to come through tonight is to break the news to you all. I hate to say this but like before, I'm going to have to go on a short hiatus from making videos. This sucks big time because of the fact that I actually made 2 videos this week but my converter is tweaking and windows movie editor is ticking me off big time. Hopefully this problem will be solved before Christmas, being that I would really like to do a special xmas/newyear video. URGH, so I'm crossing my fingers yet again!

Just finished twisting my hair in a million little two strand twists. Washed it with: Olive Oil Aloe shampoo, did a 2 minute keratin re constructor, moisturized with Shea Butter (first time use!) and sprayed a bit of Nature's Shine all over. My hair feels nice and soft. As I was de-tangling I noticed that I'm not too far from right above APL. --but of course, my hair start drying and when that process hits, lol SHRINK SHRINK SHRINK it goes! lol, I'm so happy with it though.

  • My G1 came in the mail last week-- loves it!
  • Bought 5 lipglosses for $30 at MAC COSMETICS last weekend
  • Work has been splediferious ( the check looks amazing ;] )

  • ____________________________________________________________________

That's it for now. Check back for often updates and pictures since there will be no video's for now.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Progression Continues

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Hello world! How are you all? Hope all is well I know I am well :) Tomorrow is Friday and I am ready to have a nice weekend, I think it is well earned.

To get to the point, my main focus for this blog is to show you all UPDATES on my hair. I've experienced growth of course. && the new growth hasn't been hard to manage at all. I've just been keeping it really moist because of the cooler weather and of course to prevent breakage.

-Washed my hair on Sunday 11/9/08
* Olive Oil Aloe Shampoo
* ApHogee - Keratin 2 minute Re constructor ( I only use this product when my hair stretches a lot when wet in other words. Lacking iron ) I've used it 2 weeks back to back and my hair is getting much stronger)
*Motions Leave-in conditioner (the spray kind)
* Olive oil moisturizing hair lotion ( I massage this through my scalp all the way down & really focus on my ends

-You all can see that it is growing. When i first started documenting my hair growth, my length was right on my collar bone

This was also on Sunday 11/9/08
My hair was damp

but check out the growth. not a whole lot
but I am really amazed since it's going on week 10, I remeber the last time I was 11 weeks post relaxer and I don't even recall having this much growth. I swear it's the whole "wash hair once a week" thing

This photo right here was taken yesterday (11/12/08)

but today (11/13/08) makes it exactly 10 weeks since my last relaxer

OOOOHH! I know you all see that! lol, I've been finding little curls all over my head lately. I cant keep my hands away :D

I'm so happy lol




Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sunday was a Good day

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Happy Sunday everyone! Today has been a very good day indeed, didn't get much sleep last night. . . but that didn't stop me from waking up early and heading to church this morning. Right now, I am at my grandparents house watching my little sister. My parents dropped us off here so they can go to a memorial service. Yes, I have a car but I'd just rather be here instead of doing a bunch of unnecessary driving to kill time.
I actually have something that I need to get off my chest. It bothers me constantly but I try to ignore it and stay positive. There is nothing that any of you can do to help me get through this, but I would really appreciate any WORDS OF ADVICE any of you can give me. There is a particular individual that has come into my family's life it's been a while now and my family has done nothing but help this person, give this person shelter, protect this person from the fears that has been brought daily. This person doesn't appreciate any of it. This person shows no respect to the family unless there is something she wants. I was raised in a house of respect and I would never raise my voice to my parents or anyone that is my elder. I wake up to her trying to backtalk my parents.. mind you all, this is a KID. When ever I see her I get negative thoughts in my mind, I really dread being around her, she tries to talk to me but I just keep thinking of the fact that this girl has disrespected both of my parents and I really don't think it's worth her being in my home. I repeat, my HOME.. a respectful place filled with love. We got into an altercation a few weeks back, I'm not even going to get all into that because it's done and I hate bring up negativity from the past. I remember telling her, better yet--yelling at her and saying that SHE NEEDS TO GET ON HER KNEE'S AND PRAY BECAUSE ALL OF THAT FIGHTING AND ARGUING WITH IMAGINARY FRIENDS AT NIGHT IS NOTHING BUT DEMONS INSIDE OF HER BODY. I guarantee that if anyone is going through something and they have enough faith in GOD to bring them through it he will come through in the most powerful way. It might not be the day after it might not be a month after but the answers to your prayers will come in time.
On a better note, to all of you who congratulated me on my new job, thanks so much. I am actually enjoying it so far, I am not actually working yet though, since I have to go through all of the training for the job-- right now I am only observing other employee's so I can get a feel of what it is that I am going to be doing. The training process is a long one so I'm just going to prepare myself for this crazy journey :)

Well, that's it for today


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Proud AFRICAN-American

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This is history, I am up late at night when I know I should be getting some rest for work in the morning. I just can not sleep because I am absolutely STOKED, yes.. I said it--STOKED about our new president BARAK OBAMA. Many sworn he wouldn't even stand close to being our president, and you all are wrong. Not only are you wrong but you are NUTS. Being slightly blunt in this post I know can make some people delete me from their lists and accounts. But really, how can I care about something so small when history has been made. I have always been proud to be BLACK but I must say that since this has happened, I have so much JOY and GLORY in me. The change is going to happen sooner than we thought. I just might have to post a video on this, it really is a very emotional moment and I know I am not the only one who feel this way. All of our lives, we have been told that there would never be a black president..black people would have never gotten the opportunity of something so great. Like I received in a text from my Mom, "THEY DIDN'T WANT TO GIVE US 40 ACRES AND A MULE. NOW THEY HAVE GIVEN US FIFTY STATES AND A WHITE HOUSE" This is a bit of humor for ya. I just love it

Let me know how you feel about our new president.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Long Night

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I know I am late to saying this but HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I hope you all had a safe one. So, my night was suppose to consist of a home coming game (yes, I know I've been out of high school since 07, but my boyfriend wanted to be a good alumni so I went with him to his old school.) it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. When he first asked me to go with him the first thing that came to mind was how annoyed I would be from being surrounded by a bunch of kids. LOL I say this because it's like, once high school is over, that's when one really matures and I am just one that doesn't like to be around annoying people, I am easily irritated. But, it didn't go bad at all, a lot of the gals were staring and complimenting me to my bf...yadda yadda yadda. Babe's old team won of course (they're suppose to be champs, or so he says) After that we ate at BOSTON'S, a pizza place near Mill Ave. pretty good, but damnnn expensive. We stayed there for a while and then headed off for a good time. Traffic was so bad so we pretty much partied in the car

Babe was hyper

I'm just laughing at all of their crazy selves

Rj was takin it too far! had his butt out the window lmfaooo!

even DDLS back there getting hyphy too! lol
oh. . . sorry RJ, this is a bad pic of you

So babe got his T-MOBILE G1 today. OMG I really like that phone, I swear I was on it the majority of the night. That is going on my list of things to get as soon as my pay checks start rolling in. I'm not going to count my chickens before they hatch though.. so I'm chill, my T-MOBILE WING still has some life in it. . . very good condition at that, so I'm chill.

It's really late, time to wrap it up. I'm getting a brain fart :P
My night was good, spent it with these 3 dudes, we were all frustrated at one, I wont point him out but yeaaa... that's it_____