Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sunday was a Good day

Happy Sunday everyone! Today has been a very good day indeed, didn't get much sleep last night. . . but that didn't stop me from waking up early and heading to church this morning. Right now, I am at my grandparents house watching my little sister. My parents dropped us off here so they can go to a memorial service. Yes, I have a car but I'd just rather be here instead of doing a bunch of unnecessary driving to kill time.
I actually have something that I need to get off my chest. It bothers me constantly but I try to ignore it and stay positive. There is nothing that any of you can do to help me get through this, but I would really appreciate any WORDS OF ADVICE any of you can give me. There is a particular individual that has come into my family's life it's been a while now and my family has done nothing but help this person, give this person shelter, protect this person from the fears that has been brought daily. This person doesn't appreciate any of it. This person shows no respect to the family unless there is something she wants. I was raised in a house of respect and I would never raise my voice to my parents or anyone that is my elder. I wake up to her trying to backtalk my parents.. mind you all, this is a KID. When ever I see her I get negative thoughts in my mind, I really dread being around her, she tries to talk to me but I just keep thinking of the fact that this girl has disrespected both of my parents and I really don't think it's worth her being in my home. I repeat, my HOME.. a respectful place filled with love. We got into an altercation a few weeks back, I'm not even going to get all into that because it's done and I hate bring up negativity from the past. I remember telling her, better yet--yelling at her and saying that SHE NEEDS TO GET ON HER KNEE'S AND PRAY BECAUSE ALL OF THAT FIGHTING AND ARGUING WITH IMAGINARY FRIENDS AT NIGHT IS NOTHING BUT DEMONS INSIDE OF HER BODY. I guarantee that if anyone is going through something and they have enough faith in GOD to bring them through it he will come through in the most powerful way. It might not be the day after it might not be a month after but the answers to your prayers will come in time.
On a better note, to all of you who congratulated me on my new job, thanks so much. I am actually enjoying it so far, I am not actually working yet though, since I have to go through all of the training for the job-- right now I am only observing other employee's so I can get a feel of what it is that I am going to be doing. The training process is a long one so I'm just going to prepare myself for this crazy journey :)

Well, that's it for today



  1. I think your best bet would be to pray for her and just pray period. Pray that she starts respecting your parents and pray that you don't lose your mind and go off on her. I know my patience is very short so I wouldn't nor couldn't tolerate that foolishness. I hope things get better. [Im a new follower :-)]

  2. You're right. That's what I haven't done, I haven't prayed for her to be more respectful and her as a whole. Thanks a lot for the response
    && Thanks for following :)

  3. Hey girl!!
    This is a hard one.
    I've never been in this sitation but have u sat her down and let her know how you feel about her and her dispecting ways?

  4. Hey hun I got to admit my first thought was to say 'Slap the black outta her' lol but that christian and your doing the right thing by praying for her.
    sometimes people do things like that as a cry for help, she might be going through somethings and lashing out at the one's dearest to her. The best thing you can do right now is be there for her as she is a young girl and might be feeling alone even thou she might seem to have alot of mouth on her.
    I'm going through the same thing but only difference is the girl is alot older and was my close friend.
    I stuck by this person through thick and thin and she was always throwing it back in my face. Saying horrible things but this person is a big old 25year and should know better! so in the end after much thought I've decided to cut her out of my life(God helps thous who helps themselves).
    However I think as this is a little girl your dealing with there is always a reason behind every action, try talking to patient she won't let you in over night.
    Hope this comment helps x

  5. you should just pray for her and also have a talk to her about raising her voice. i also love your picture, the dress is very cute.

  6. @ chinawhite

    slapping her was the first thing I wanted to do--TRUST me
    but I mean, I don't want to have things be violent-- I'm 18 lol I can get in trouble for that type of stuff now ahaa

  7. I've been a fan of you youtube videos for a while and decided to visit your blog. I am actually a senior majoring in psychology so I'm going to give you my two cents. This girl needs guidance. The fact that your family has taken her in tells me that she has been abandoned. She has probably been through so much psychologically. I know I did an internship at a group home and most of the kids that were acting out were raped, physically abused, molested, had alcoholic parents or were going through other trauma. Because you are older than this person, you should talk to her and find out what is really going on. A lot of times children express their desire for attention or help by acting out. Talk to her, let her know that you are here to help. She may in fact admire you. While working with children, I found out that no child is born bad, they are just misguided. Please don't give up on this girl even if she needs someone with compassion and a kind heart like yourself. Hope this helps.

  8. thanks a lot for that
    I will try asking her about it. Not in a real direct and put on the spot way but just relaxed..between us


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