Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Proud AFRICAN-American

This is history, I am up late at night when I know I should be getting some rest for work in the morning. I just can not sleep because I am absolutely STOKED, yes.. I said it--STOKED about our new president BARAK OBAMA. Many sworn he wouldn't even stand close to being our president, and you all are wrong. Not only are you wrong but you are NUTS. Being slightly blunt in this post I know can make some people delete me from their lists and accounts. But really, how can I care about something so small when history has been made. I have always been proud to be BLACK but I must say that since this has happened, I have so much JOY and GLORY in me. The change is going to happen sooner than we thought. I just might have to post a video on this, it really is a very emotional moment and I know I am not the only one who feel this way. All of our lives, we have been told that there would never be a black president..black people would have never gotten the opportunity of something so great. Like I received in a text from my Mom, "THEY DIDN'T WANT TO GIVE US 40 ACRES AND A MULE. NOW THEY HAVE GIVEN US FIFTY STATES AND A WHITE HOUSE" This is a bit of humor for ya. I just love it

Let me know how you feel about our new president.


  1. What your mom said is soo true!! Change has really taken place, I'm so proud as well. Hope has been restored.

  2. Just to know that we have gone from chains and being sold for beer to white house is amazing in itself. I'm not sure what Obama is going to do but this moment is enough to leave you in awe. I don't think this situation has made me more proud to be black. I don't think I could get any more proud than when I found out that JESUS was black and we are the true nation of Israel. That was enough pride to last me a lifetime!!! This only confirms things. Watch and pray as the LORD leads us to the promised land!!!

  3. Yor mom is great!
    I'm so happy for you guys!
    praise the lord!

  4. Thank you all for your responses.

    This world sure has grown to be something that our ancestors would have never imagined it being

    Mrs. Denga, you have a good head on your shoulders, I agree with you

  5. I was excited as well. I was with my family and we had a party. Some people in my neighborhood even had fire works. I think they were a little too excited. Don't worry girl you are not alone, I've always been proud to be black. With so much beauty, culture and rich heritage...how can anyone not be?


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xoxo, Brosia

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