April 27, 2015


Earlier this year I was put on to this wonderful face masque. This is real deal goodness from Citrine Beauty @ Biltmore Fashion Park


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April 26, 2015

Dear Diary // Pose N Post Symposium: New York

Hey New York,
we connected in a major way. Let me say this-- When I meet you, I feel exactly how you feel inside.  I become overjoyed and just want to hug you again and again.  Throwing out my hand for you to shake just doesn't feel right because we're way closer than that. You know?!

As much as you feel I am your best friend in your head I feel the exact way.  I share so much with you girls and know that I receive nothing but honesty from you.  Only a real girlfriend shows that kind of love.  It was all love New York and I was so happy to be in your presence.

 - xoxo, Brosia

April 7, 2015

Dear Diary // Pose N Post Symposium: Newark

Newark, oh Newark it was my first time in your city and you gals were amazing, ambitious, talented, inspiring and so much more! Our brief conversations moved me last night.  Continue to do what you love and have patience because the doors will open.

I hope you don't mind me snagging some of your pictures that I was tagged in on your Instagram pages *giggles* <3 

- xoxo, Brosia
S O M E   O F   T H E   P I C T U R E S   Y O U   T O O K  
Photo Credit:  @datiskila

Photo Credit:  @zanibeauty

February 27, 2015


My love for Starbucks coffee is chronic, in late evenings I look forward to the morning time in which I can make myself another cup.  I've been using the Classic Pour-Over brewing method from Starbucks for the past month and I find myself grabbing for this over the French Press as of late. 

The Classic Pour-Over sits directly on top of the cup that you plan on enjoying your coffee from

Using a #2 coffee filter, add your coffee.  
Side Note: 
I recently purchased a coffee grinder and it has taken my coffee to another level.  Trust me, the little things really do count in creating the perfect cup. 

After using the Classic Pour-Over a few times to get taste that I desire I found that when I grind the coffee really fine it creates the best flavor.  Simply amazing and I look forward to it every single morning.

What is your favorite blend?

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