February 3, 2016


Acne can be a real nightmare – sapping your confidence and stopping you looking your best. Although we tend to associate the problem with teenagers, acne can happen at any time and many people who are troubled by it during adolescence will continue to suffer into early adulthood and beyond. 
Luckily, treatment is readily available. There are lots of ways to get rid of acne spots or zits, and to help you navigate all the different options we’ve put together some top tips and important myth-busters like what causes acne and to answer questions on common treatments – like is Vaseline bad for skin?
Causes of Acne
So you’ve got acne – nasty zits on the face, back and chest – and it’s pretty unpleasant. How did this happen? The most usual cause of acne is changes in hormone levels. That is why it’s a particular problem for young people going through puberty. 
Pregnant women sometimes find that hormone changes give them acne too. Hormones stimulates the production of grease within your skin, clogging up your pores and leading to zits. Nasty!
Conventional Acne Treatments
But don’t worry, help is at hand. There are a whole host of different treatments you can try and lots are available in supermarkets and pharmacies. If you are finding zits to be a problem head down to your local store and have a good look at all the products on offer. Different treatments will target different causes, so make sure you find one that’s right for you. 
‘Natural’ Acne Treatments 
If you want to try a more traditional method there are lots of home-made acne remedies that you could also use. Treatments often involve items from your kitchen like fruit, eggs or yogurt. Have a look online at the various recipes that explain how to prepare them. There’s limited evidence on whether these concoctions actually work, but if natural beauty is your thing there’s no harm in trying.

Soothing your Skin
Once you’ve dealt with the basic problem it’s important to help your skin to heal. There are lots of effective ways to do this from moisturisers to good old fashioned Petroleum Jelly. Some people ask is Vaseline bad for skin; thinking it could clog pores and actually aggravate the situation. This isn’t the case though. In fact, research shows that the Wonder Jelly absorbs so deeply that it doesn’t aggravate pores. Rather than having a negative effect, it is actually quite a useful protectant – helping the affected area heal faster. 
Seeking medical help
Hopefully these tricks and tips will help you deal with your acne once and for all, but remember if it’s bothering you and doesn’t clear up with over-the-counter treatments see your family doctor. 
There are lots of prescription medicines and skin creams that can be applied to help tackle these problem zits – and now you know the answer to ‘is Vaseline bad for skin’ you don’t have to worry about doing more harm than good in your fight to get zit-free. So, don’t be embarrassed or suffer in silence. Get your acne sorted today!

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John B

January 22, 2016


Being online is my job, though I cant totally go cold turkey but I am on a slight social media detox I have also done so much clearing out over the past 2 weeks.

My detox inspired me to go ahead and begin cleaning out my computer files, getting rid of apps that I haven't opened in years and removing pictures that didn't make the cut back in the day.  Over the next few days I will be posting some of my oldies but goodies (IMO)

If the date on my computer is correct, these photos are circa 2012

January 9, 2016



Income Chart

January 7, 2016


It excites me to see that my hair is growing (See previous post) that means the classic formula of leaving my hair alone is working! I removed the faux locs, deep conditioned my hair and rocked it out for about 48hrs.

Yes, I filmed a #NaturalHair video before going back into protective mode. It wasn't a tutorial, more of a take down and "Look how fab my hair turned out" type of video. *Giggles*

Being that I have a love for chunky twists I decided to bring it back. I went a bit lighter this time around, I love it, I feel like a lioness!

I'm wearing Bobbi Boss hair yet again, it has been the only hair so far that does not give me the itchies. I did notice that this time around the hair is a bit softer and much easier to work with.
I purchased 4 bags of hair and used every bit of it.

I did the twists a bit smaller this time, I have 50 twists. Last time I had about 46 twists and I they were a lot chunkier in the back. I used the same about of hair for each section this time but at the top I made he parts larger to give it more of a natural, growing out of the scalp appearance. 

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